Join our affiliate marketing programme

What we’re looking for

1) New tradespeople to join our service
2) High quality job leads from homeowners (we class a job lead as high quality when it’s bought by one or more tradespeople)

In return, we’ll reward our affiliates for promoting our products and services, offering a fixed commission per sale for each completed transaction.

Whether you’re a website owner or an organisation providing a product or service, you can apply here to be a part of our affiliate programme.

Why join us

– Generate revenue all year round
– Seasonal performance based incentives
– Great returns: £5 per job lead serviced by a registered tradesperson, £25 per tradesperson sign up
– Variety of creative material at your disposal
– Affiliate newsletters with key updates and promotions
– Quick approvals and payouts

Interested in joining our affiliate programme? Join us here.

What you need to know

All affiliate (publisher) sites must complement our brand and be of interest to homeowners and/or tradespeople. Once you’ve joined our program, you’ll have a suite of creative banners and text links at your fingertips, similar to the below:

WG Graphic Banners - Sep 2015 (Dave)

All approved affiliates must ensure that they’re following good native advertising practices and update their sites with the most recent tracking links.

We won’t work with sites which contain:

– Adult content
– Violent material
– Religious material

The following PPC tactics are expressly forbidden and will result in the termination of an affiliate’s agreement with us:

– Bidding on brand term misspellings
– Bidding on abbreviations
– Bidding on confusingly similar terms

Tell me more

It’s important that you read through and familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions of our affiliate programme before signing up.

If you have a question not covered in the terms and conditions, please get in touch at [email protected].

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We look forward to working with you!