Rated People Affiliate Program 2015

We Have Launched!

Whether you are website owner or an organisation providing a product or service, you can apply for the Rated People Affiliate Program.

The Rated People affiliate program commercially rewards publishers and brands for promotion of our products and services.

The program is to drive quality Job leads and Tradesmen registrations. Rated People will offer affiliates a fixed commission per sale that you acquire in a completed transaction (legitimate leads only) by referring it from publisher’s site to the ratedpeople.com.

General Awareness

All active affiliates (publishers) must ensure the programme is being advertised in the correct manor. We do not work with the sites that have adult, violence, gambling or religious content.

Affiliate sites must be relevant, up to date and ultimately complement the Rated People brand. Once an affiliate is approved, they will then have access to an extensive suite of creative banners, buttons and widgets.

Please note, we do not permit PPC bidding on any brand term misspellings, abbreviations or confusingly similar terms. Breach of these conditions is expressly forbidden and will result in the termination of an affiliate’s agreement with Rated People.

Want to know more?

Please see Affiliate Partner Agreement prior to signing up for affiliate partnership with Rated People. For direct partnerships and other marketing opportunities, please contact us at [email protected]

We look forward to working with you and building close relationship with all of our affiliate partners!