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Get a professional flat pack assembler

There are plenty of reasons to get in a flat pack assembler, not least to save time and energy. There's no risk of furniture collapsing a week after it's been assembled and you don't risk any bad back injuries either. When you're looking for a flat pack assembler make sure your brief is as detailed as possible.

What furniture do you need help to assemble: a bed, chest of drawers, desk, table or chair? What's the brand, the size and model? An assembler needs plenty of space to work and if the space is very small it can take longer to put the furniture together. Should the furniture have to be assembled standing up, more than one person might need to be involved.

Budget & Time

Some assemblers charge by the hour and others charge by unit. Prices can start from £30 per hour and there might be a minimum call out fee. Prices can vary considerably, but expect to pay £15 for a chest of drawers and around £35 for a two door wardrobe.

Furniture with many features (internal racks, drawers etc.) takes longer to assembly. The more basic the furniture is, the easier it is to put together. Please see estimates below.

  • Standard bed - 45 minutes
  • Chest of drawers - 60 minutes (depending on number of drawers)
  • Dining table - 35 minutes
  • Two door wardrobe - 60 minutes
  • Sliding door wardrobe - 2-3 hours

Other thoughts

Protect your floor from any scratch marks and cover it with plastic or a piece of fabric. Establish if the flat pack assemblers offer any guarantees should the furniture not be assembled correctly. Also, understand if the assembler will get rid of the cardboard and packaging. Remember that anyone removing waste from your property needs to be a licensed waste carrier.

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