Fire Alarm System, Lichfield, WS14

  • We currently have mains powered fire alarms. One of these has recently started going off for no reason and both are due to be replaced as it has been 10 years. We need both upstairs and downstairs replacing. The wiring is all in place though with fittings for the current alarms.
  • Under £250
  • 19:33 01 May 2016

CCTV, Birmingham, B47

  • one spot light three cameras and sensor
  • Under £1,000
  • 19:21 01 May 2016

Fire Alarm System, Caterham, CR3

  • I need my mains linked smoke alarms replacing as they are now out of date.
  • Under £250
  • 19:08 01 May 2016

Burglar, Security & Intruder Alarm, Stafford, ST17

  • x12+ PIR
    x2 Panic Alarm
    x4 Door Sensors
    x2 Keypads

    All wiring in place. Commissioning and installation of sensors and control panels required.
  • Under £500
  • 18:21 01 May 2016

Burglar, Security & Intruder Alarm, Edinburgh, EH4

  • just need professional alarm installer to install wireless alarm.
    and i will supply the alarm
    thank you
  • Under £250
  • 12:01 01 May 2016

Lock Fitting, Brent, NW2

  • One of the multipoint door locks on our french doors is not working properly. When turning the handle up, the locks are activated, but the key will not fully turn to secure the lock. I have taken the barrel out and it works fine. I've tried using the spare key and that also works fine. I've taken the handles off and they seem to work very well too. It seems that the problem is the mechanism within the door. It really needs to be investigated by a professional and repaired as quickly as possible.
  • Under £100
  • 10:29 01 May 2016

Burglar, Security & Intruder Alarm, Lewisham, SE10

  • Quote on replacing our existing with new pet friendly PIR's and reconnection of the telephone line to the monitoring station since we changed our phone provider from BT to Virgin Media.

    Quote for an annual monitoring.
  • Under £1,000
  • 08:03 01 May 2016

Burglar, Security & Intruder Alarm, York, YO51

  • Modification to existing reply. I need someone on a labour only basis
  • Under £250
  • 06:57 01 May 2016

CCTV, Newham, E6

  • I would like to install CCTV and a camera door bell. I will supply the CCTV system and camera door bell.
  • Under £250
  • 20:27 30 April 2016

CCTV, Liverpool, L36

  • New installation replacing old wired alarm, multi room fittings needed, with sensors on doors and windows.
  • Under £500
  • 17:49 30 April 2016

Lock Fitting, Brentwood, CM14

  • I need my lock fixed or replaced. It keeps getting jammed I think the door has been slammed to hard. The door however does still lock but the lock need to be manually pressed in.
    I was hoping for this to be fixed on Tuesday or Wednesday
  • Under £100
  • 15:44 30 April 2016

CCTV, Sheffield, S25

  • Fitting of previously purchased CCTV equipment at industrial location
  • Under £100
  • 11:35 30 April 2016

Security Grill, Tower Hamlets, E14

  • I am searching for security specialist for security grill work.
  • Under £1,000
  • 10:29 30 April 2016

CCTV, Wednesbury, WS10

  • Installation of two CCTV cameras to front of the house.
  • Under £100
  • 08:57 30 April 2016

Burglar, Security & Intruder Alarm, Roslin, EH25

  • We are looking for a quote to provide and install a wireless intruder alarm system for a 4 bedroom house (new build). We have a cat so any system would need to be pet-friendly. The property will be ready on 24 June so we are trying to work out the budget at the moment with a view to arranging the work as soon as we can get entry to the property.

    Many thanks,

  • Under £1,000
  • 08:15 30 April 2016

Burglar, Security & Intruder Alarm, Solihull, B90

  • Hi, I've recently purchased a SL2 Response Wireless Multi User Alarm System and would require an expert to mount the outside Siren & Strobe on the outer wall (over 2.5 metres tall)
  • Under £100
  • 21:45 29 April 2016

Fire Alarm System, Manchester, M38

    TEXECOM VERITAS EXCEL ALARM PANEL WITH LCD KEYPAD (need replaced old panel and key pad only) domestic property only 3 pir and 1 door contact.
  • Under £100
  • 21:30 29 April 2016

Burglar, Security & Intruder Alarm, Gravesend, DA12

  • Installation of cctv required, cameras already fixed. Need move the cables around.
  • Under £100
  • 15:42 29 April 2016

Burglar, Security & Intruder Alarm, Nottingham, NG8

  • had a powercut on 26/04/16. after that alarm giving false detection
  • Under £100
  • 15:14 29 April 2016

Access Control / Door Entry, Wandsworth, SW17

  • I need a new door buzzer - very simple one - that will buzz up to my flat and a phone system so I can speak to the person downstairs. I do not need a video or a button to press to let them in, as I can go down to let them in.
  • Under £500
  • 11:45 29 April 2016

Security Gates & Bollard, Telford, TF4

  • I am interested in having a gate on my driveway that I can remotely open and close. I need advice as to what type of gate would be suitable, and if it is possible to provide power to it. I have the budget available.
  • Under £2,000
  • 10:56 29 April 2016

Burglar, Security & Intruder Alarm, Musselburgh, EH21

  • Fit wireless alarm to outside building, also internally fit 4 sensors and key pad as well as link up two key fobs
  • Under £100
  • 07:18 29 April 2016

Fire Alarm System, Ellon, RP9

  • Dies ist ein Test Job um herauszufinden, ob wir alle Emails auch versendet werden
  • Under £100
  • 21:10 28 April 2016

Burglar, Security & Intruder Alarm, Bradford, BD6

  • Quotation for a Wireless House alarm fitted and possibly cctv
  • Under £500
  • 18:08 28 April 2016

Access Control / Door Entry, Birmingham, B20

  • PVC door needs replacing urgently.
  • Under £250
  • 18:01 28 April 2016

Burglar, Security & Intruder Alarm, Liverpool, L13

  • Alarm does not activate when you enter the property
  • Under £100
  • 15:06 28 April 2016

Lock Fitting, Liverpool, L15

  • new install of deadlock.........
  • Under £100
  • 13:56 28 April 2016

Burglar, Security & Intruder Alarm, Nuneaton, CV11

  • We have a Paragon plus intruder/smoke alarm fitted which I would like sevicing and the exterior alarm box is looking a bit uncared for so will either need a tidy-up or replacing with a siren/strobe box. All downstairs rooms and exterior doors have pir /contact sensors and we would like these all testing. On the landing is a smoke detector which is also connected to the system. This is a regular sized four bed detracted house.
  • Under £250
  • 13:52 28 April 2016

Burglar, Security & Intruder Alarm, Falkirk, FK2

  • Honeywell Galaxy 2-20 alarm needs attention. If repair not possible then isolation required. We inherited this alarm when we bought this house so don't have any understanding of how it works.
  • Under £100
  • 12:52 28 April 2016

Access Control / Door Entry, Birmingham, B7

  • We need intercom with fobs installed and fitted. Including checking the FireAlarm System and activating it.
  • Under £500
  • 12:27 28 April 2016

Burglar, Security & Intruder Alarm, Halifax, HX3

  • I'm after a price on updating my old Alarm siren, control box and Keypad
    All the sensors and wiring already in place from existing alarm.
  • Under £250
  • 09:49 28 April 2016

Burglar, Security & Intruder Alarm, Glasgow, G53

  • Looking to find a security specialist who can recommend and fit a wireless pet friendly alarm system for a 3 bedroom house.
  • Under £500
  • 22:00 27 April 2016

Burglar, Security & Intruder Alarm, Burton on Trent, DE13

  • Basic burglar alarm - bells only .
    We have an old system that never used .
    Pirs are installed but not sure if they work
    Will need a keypad .
    Needs to be easy to use as kids need to operate it
    There is a bell box on the outside .
    Not sure if that works either .
  • Under £250
  • 21:03 27 April 2016

CCTV, Morecambe, LA4

  • We've purchased a home cctv system. Would like the cameras installed on the outside of the house, involves some wires going through external walls and being secured to the building. Wires in the house will need tacking down and making safe/discreet. Front and back of house. CCTV system computer will he located one room so camera wires will need to be laid through the house to the front and back of the house external walls
  • Under £500
  • 17:26 27 April 2016

Lock Fitting, Crewe, CW1

  • Upvc door difficult to lock/unlock and requires adjustment
  • Under £250
  • 16:30 27 April 2016

CCTV, Emsworth, PO10

  • Quotation for a small block of 6 flats cctv to cover the exterior and grounds
  • Under £1,000
  • 15:32 27 April 2016

CCTV, Gateshead, NE9

  • Install cctv camera's 2x. And fix in place a pvr. Materials ie camera and set up there. Upstairs/ downstairs normal house.
  • Under £100
  • 14:45 27 April 2016

CCTV, Benfleet, SS7

  • Looking for CCTV Installation and quotes for the works based on a four camera system
  • Under £500
  • 12:51 27 April 2016

Burglar, Security & Intruder Alarm, Gateshead, NE10

  • House alarm is broke, needs repaired, standalone wireless house alarm
  • Under £100
  • 04:17 27 April 2016