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Under £250
Services required: wallpapering - unpatterned
1 x bedroom
It"s just one wall in the bedroom. 3mx 2.5m. Silk effect paper, it has a repeat but not a complicated pattern. I have paper and paste. Paper described as 'paste the wall'. Building is new build so wall is in good condition.

Considering painting remaining bedroom walls but undecided as yet so could be some follow on work.

Ideally would like it done next Friday or Saturday if possible, 8/9th April.
Surfaces are in good repair
I have some materials and would like the tradesman to supply others
I was very happy with the wallpapering job Pavel did. He turned up exactly on time, was conscientious and detailed in his work, left everything clean and tidy and stuck to the agreed budget.

Also specialises in traditional crafts, tiling and plastering & rendering.


Under £250
Leaking shower
Hi, my tenants have just noticed a leak in one of the bedrooms, the carpet outside the bathroom and against the wall is all wet, and there appears to be damage to the skirting board on the wall the shower backs onto..

I need someone to look at it quite urgently
The source of the leak is visible
The source of the leak is easily accessible
Reliable, speedy and accurate service.
Sustainable Plumbing London

Also specialises in heating and bathrooms.


Under £100
Immersion water heater has stopped heating water. Unsure as to problem, nothing I can easily diagnose from instructions for the boiler or the internet. No 'kettling' noise coming from the boiler even after hitting 'boost' function. The boiler has been in the flat from new - approx. 6 years. It is an Elson Coral E.
Very good, friendly and efficient - I would recommend!
Nick Plumbing

Also specialises in flooring, heating and specialist services.


Under £250
Repair toilet
The two toilets in flat run after being flushed. To access the pipes you will need to cut the silicon sealant around one of the tiles. After the repair, the tiles need to be re-sealed using silicon. One set of tiles has a grey coloured seal, the other is sand coloured. Please be able to remove the tile and replace it.

As for the repair itself, I think one of the valves that controls water flow needs replacing. The running toilet can be temporarily fixed by hitting the plunger firmly.
The item to be repaired is not easily accessible
Red was great. Really nice guy and spotted to the problem right away. He popped off and fixed it in under and hour. His quote was less than from another tradesman. Will definitely call him if I have trouble in the future.
Plumb GP

Also specialises in bathrooms, heating, specialist services and flooring.


Under £100
Repair/adjust 1 x plain flat door
Services required: trim door
Additional information: No avai
Property style: Modern
very good, and efficient


Under £100
The toilet in my shower room keeps running water after flushing. I've tried and clean the tank descaling it with products but it doesn't seems to work, in fact it seems worse. I've clean the toilet tank in the family bathroom as I had the same problem and that seems to be fixed.
Fantastic, great job done quick and can acomodate to working hours .
Lee Webb Plumbing Services

Also specialises in heating and bathrooms.


Under £1,000
Services required: painting
3 x bedrooms, 1 x lounge/living room, 2 x bathrooms, 1 x hallway, 1 x stairs, Ensuite
Utility Room
It is a duplex flat over two floors. The Kitchen and Lounge are open plan.
Surfaces are in good repair
I would like the tradesman to supply all materials
Amazing work! Quick to respond to my advert, and happy to cort out any leftover problems on inspection.
Gemini 33

Also specialises in tiling and plastering & rendering.


Under £250
Ideally want job done next during half-term as I am a teacher. Can't take calls between 08.00 and 16.30 but will call back if you leave number/get missed call. Alternatively email me. Damp and mould appearing in wall below radiator in bedroom and now hallway, but no visible water on outside. Possibly leak from adjoining bathroom.
The source of the leak is not visible
The source of the leak is not easily accessible
Lee was punctual and very friendly. He explained what the problem was and even took photos to show me. His fee was very reasonable - he certainly doesn't take advantage of your ignorance! Thanks Lee!
Lee Webb Plumbing Services

Also specialises in bathrooms and heating.


Under £250
Install appliance
Additional power socket installation under the kitchen counter for a dishwasher (cupboard to the right of the sink). There is an existing double socket above the counter.

Also need some adjustments to the plumbing under the sink to be dishwasher ready.

Can I get a quote for new socket, altering pipework, removing existing kitchen unit and installation of the dishwasher?
Pipe work will need to be installed
Dishwasher installation (with plumbing and electrical work). Very good job, great attention to detail. Very professional and reliable. Would definitely recommend and/or use services again.


Under £250
The toilet just keeps running. It's is also built in with an access tile under the sink. The property is a flat within a new build development.
Very helpful and open about what needed to be fixed on the job
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Previous jobs

, SE13

Under £100
Blocked shower
Shower water draining really slowly. Tried caustic powder but didn't work

, E1W

Under £75
Repair toilet
My toilet has two flush buttons that are built into the bathroom worktop and are connected to the flush mechanism by a cable. The problem I have is that the toilet constantly flushes even when the buttons have not been pressed.

The cover with the two push buttons, pops off when slid sideways and leaves an access hole to get into the cistern.
The item to be repaired is easily accessible

East Kilbride, G74

Under £250
Install sink
Hi there I'm looking to have an existing sink replaced with a new one and the old one disposed of. Including drainer, plug and taps. Would be preferable if trader could supply sink and parts too.

All existing pipework is in place.
Pipe work is already in place

, EC1V

Under £50
Repair toilet
WC cistern side entry filling valve needs replacing.
I already bought the replacement.

cistern lid already removed so valve readily accessible.
The item to be repaired is easily accessible

, N1

Under £100
Leaking Leak from the ceiling of my store room
Leaking from the ceiling in the room adjacent to bathroom. Leak mainly occurs when shower is in use
The source of the leak is visible
The source of the leak is easily accessible

Hillhead, G20

Under £100
Repair toilet
Cistern in toilet keeps running. Slow to fill for flushing.
The item to be repaired is easily accessible

Hillhead, G12

Under £100
Leaking sink
Also require to connect unused waste disposal outlet to waste pipe. Whole waste pipe junction system below sink may need to be replaced.
The source of the leak is visible
The source of the leak is easily accessible

, N1

Under £100
No water. Timer working. Units working. Further inspection required.

East Kilbride, G75

Under £150
Repair shower
Shower water not hot enough. Mixer not working? Shower uses water from hot water tank. Hot water tank is upstairs, shower downstairs. Water to all taps is hot but water to shower is cool.
The item to be repaired is easily accessible

Partick West, G11

Under £100
Burst water pipe under kitchen sink