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Partick West, G12

Under £250
Install appliance
removal of current Gas hob and installation of new hob
Pipe work is already in place
Excellent service. Very tidy, great job and wonderful after installation support via calls and texts. He even came out in the middle of the night for a false alarm! Thanks very much Liam.
L M Plumbing

Also specialises in roofing, bathrooms, carpentry & joinery and handyman.

Langside, G42

Under £100
Leaking Underside of cistern
Water from inside the cistern is dripping out at one of the bolts on the underside of the cistern.
The source of the leak is visible
The source of the leak is easily accessible
Very quick response and fast, professional service. I suspect the job would have been slightly cheaper with some other companies, but I'm happy I went with this company as everything was so quick and professional.


Under £100
Repair toilet
The flush is running constantly into the wc after flushing.
The item to be repaired is easily accessible
S+A were flexible and friendly in their service.

Also specialises in bathrooms, roofing, heating and drainage.


Under £100
Install appliance

I live in a new build apartment and have a table top freestanding dishwasher to be installed. The job will involve drilling through the kitchen counter top for the piping to go through and be not visible..
Zoltan was very pleasant to work with, knowledgable and was able to suggest a few solutions for my new dishwasher fixing. He was very thorough with his work, tidy and even helped fix a door hinge for me which was not part of the initial job. I would highly recommend him.
Keszy Refurbishmen

Also specialises in bathrooms, heating, handyman and tiling.

Falls, BT1

Under £100
Replace tap(s)
I currently have both bathtub and sink with separate hot/cold taps. I'm looking to replace both with mixer taps, the bathtub one with a shower too; also installing a shower rail. I can provide the taps if needed. Can you give me a quote to replace both taps?
I hired Nick to install a new basin with mixer tap, and bath shower taps in my flat. When the store delivered the incorrect taps and I had to wait for the new delivery, Nick was very flexible with the date and time to do the job, which he completed quickly, neatly and efficiently. I'm very happy with the work he did and I certainly recommend him!


Under £100
Repair toilet

Cistern keeps running when double flush button is pressed. Limited access via panel to cistern.
The item to be repaired is easily accessible
I cannot really rate the company on their quality and value of work as when they came to repair my toilet there appeared not to be a problem any more, and therefore no work was carried out. The two people who came were friendly and very helpful, and I shall call on them again if I have any further plumbing problems.


Under £100
Replace/install 1 x handles, 1 x locks
Additional information: The grub screw has fallen out of the door and now the lock/handle of our bathroom door has broken. I need to know can it be fixed or does it need to be replaced. We cannot work out how to get the handle off

I will supply the fittings
Property style: Modern
Angelo was very honest (he told us the door handle did not need replacing but could be fixed), timely and the job has been done very well. Will use him again and recommend him to others.
Angelo Ragusa

Also specialises in kitchens, building, locksmith and aerials & networks.


Under £250
Services required: refit / restretch carpet
In 1 x bedroom
Type of carpet: general domestic carpet
Partially lifted carpet for fitted wardrobe installation. New grips would have to be laid (bonded to floor as underfloor heating) and excess trimmed. Approx 6m.
I'd like the tradesman to supply the materials
Property style: Modern
Put the job online at lunchtime, Bespoke Flooring Solutions telephoned that day and came round the following morning. Did an excellent job and in good time. Very happy with Bespoke Flooring Solutions and would highly recommend them.

Belfast, BT4

Under £100
Services required: Slate / Tiled roof repair
Repair: missing / broken tiles/slates
On: the main part of the roof
Work required is: 2 storeys high
Additional information: Replacement of several roof tiles

Property type: Semi-detached
Property style: Suburban
Showed up when he said he would. Was friendly and professional. Completed the job on time then gave sound advice about the roof.

Crossgar, BT30

Under £100
Install Gas hob
I bought a new build, and just need my hob and gas cannister connected and tested by a corgi registered plumber.
Pipe work is already in place
Showed up on time, polite and friendly, quick service, fair price. Will use again.
Andy Hill boiler servicing

Also specialises in heating and specialist services.

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Previous jobs

East Kilbride, G75

Under £500
I want a radiator in my cocervatory

, E14

Under £100
No water in my flat from all the pipes etc

Langside, G41

Under £100
To replace an electric shower.

I have the electric shower.

, EC1V

Under £50
Repair toilet
WC cistern side entry filling valve needs replacing.
I already bought the replacement.

cistern lid already removed so valve readily accessible.
The item to be repaired is easily accessible

, N1

Under £100
Leaking Leak from the ceiling of my store room
Leaking from the ceiling in the room adjacent to bathroom. Leak mainly occurs when shower is in use
The source of the leak is visible
The source of the leak is easily accessible

Partick West, G11

Under £2300
Gas boiler installation
Replace Combi boiler with Combi boiler
Additional information: Looking for a quote for a replacement boiler. Survey/Inspection would need to be carried out on the morning of Friday 16 October

, N1

Under £100
No water. Timer working. Units working. Further inspection required.

Langside, G42

Under £500
I have a triton pumped shower that leaks and needs replaced.

East Kilbride, G75

Under £150
Repair shower
Shower water not hot enough. Mixer not working? Shower uses water from hot water tank. Hot water tank is upstairs, shower downstairs. Water to all taps is hot but water to shower is cool.
The item to be repaired is easily accessible

Partick West, G11

Under £100
Burst water pipe under kitchen sink

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