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Reviews of Tradesmen in Brighton, East Sussex

Preston Park, BN1

Under £3,000
Install 1 x basin, 1 x bath, 1 x extractor fan, 1 x heated towel rail, 1 x shower in bath, 2 x taps, 1 x toilet
Other services required: wooden flooring, wall tiling
Customer will supply: bathroom suite, tiles, flooring
Additional information: refurb of existing bathroom. a halogen light will also need moving of location.
Cannot recommend Matt and his team highly enough for my bathroom refurb.His quote was very reasonable but his customer service sets him out- advising on parts, the layout and timelines etc. He also kept to his advised time and was very tidy throughout. The attention to detail was amazing and commented on by other tradesmen. A complete professional who I won't hesitate at using again.
Brighton Plumbing and Bathrooms

Also specialises in heating and bathrooms.

Preston Park, BN1

Under £100
Service gas appliance
1 x boiler
Additional information: i can provide a parking permit. I need my boiler serviced and possibly would like it done this Friday morning
Very quick and reliable. Did a great job. Very happy with my new boiler and i would definitely use them again.

Also specialises in bathrooms and heating.

Regency, BN1

Under £250
washers or fitting new bathroom taps and unblocking a bathroom sink
Shaun responded quickly and efficiently to job and completed at time requested - and he's friendly - would definitely recommend him Veronica
S. Stideford

Also specialises in building, tiling, loft conversions and bathrooms.

Regency, BN1

Under £100
Toilet has stopped flushing in the gents no other toilets to use, please attend as soon as possible
took them on our supplier listing
Water Works

Also specialises in heating, drainage, stone work & masonry and tiling.

St Peter's and North Laine, BN1

Under £1,000
North-east facing garden. Tree roots. Needs clearing and designing.
Excellent, quality work. Would definitely use them again. Very pleased with finished product and would recommend without hesitation to anyone.

Queen's Park, BN2

Under £250
I recently paid to get a new bathroom sink and loo installed in a flat I rent out (currently empty). The loo seems OK but the sink wasn't installed correctly and is leaking at one of the taps and in a couple of places on the waste pipe. I put some external sealant on the leaks to try and put it right, I haven't been back to the flat but I know I need to get it properly fixed and installed. (I live and work in London but the flat is in Marine Parade Brighton.)
Can contact me anytime by email but evening best by mobile.
Simon gave me a quote very quickly and agreed to come round at the weekend to do the job. He arrived on time and carried out the job very well, and quickly and very neatly. He even charged me a fiver less than the quote! I wish I had used him in the first place.
Simon Daly

Also specialises in handyman, flooring, bathrooms and heating.

St Peter's and North Laine, BN1

Under £250
We moved in 3 years ago and shower was here so no idea of age. Now making funny noises and water no longer coming out. Make is Gainsborough Delux 10.5W electric shower. No idea whether needs repairing or replacing but certainly on a budget!
Quick reliable and friendly service

St Peter's and North Laine, BN1

Under £100
washer taps bathroom tap, kitchen mixer tap washer
Good fast service, reasonable price! Job well Done!
Just Plumbing

Also specialises in drainage.

East Brighton, BN2

Under £500
I will supply fittings. old wall tiles need to be taken off, walls part tiled with new. Old fittings to be taken away. Lino on floor.
nfortunately it was brought to my attention what an abysmal job this plumber had done, after I had paid him and he had left for the bank holiday weekend. And another job after that. He left with the words that the hot water would be back on in about 10 minutes, after any airlocks had disappeared. Two hours later we discovered that he hadn’t turned the hot water cylinder feed back on. An hour after that we started finding all the leaks he had left in his wake, when the dining room ceiling partially collapsed under their combined weight. In all, all four waste pipes and three water pipes were leaking. He would also drain the system daily, not realising that a simple tap under the feed tank would have achieved the same end without costing me a fortune in water bills and without depriving the whole house of water all day every day. He didn’t even perform the usual courtesy of filling a couple of jugs with water and a bucket for the loo. As for his tiling. The tiler I got in to try and make some good of his work, rated it amongst the worst five jobs he had ever seen. The boxing in was worse - he was tiling onto cardboard on one attempt, and plasterboard on the shower enclosure floor. The carpenter who fixed most of the mess, found that the shower enclosure had been leaking for a long time and uncovered several rotten timbers. If this plumber had noticed it, he didn’t bring it to my attention. And his solution, I am told, was worse than what had been there originally. Similarly, his solution to some ungainly boxing in of some even more untidy plumbing in the toilet, was to skew the toilet towards the wall. This plumber says he should have been given the opportunity to rectify his mistakes, but would you? When given the opportunity to at least finish what he had originally quoted to do, he asked for another day’s pay at 150 pounds a day. It cost me more to fix his work than he had quoted in the first place.
mw plumbing

Also specialises in bathrooms, heating and roofing.

Hanover and Elm Grove, BN2

I'm not sure
All i can say is we have an Ariston combi boiler, and the leak seems to stem from behind the boiler, but obviously i cannot see exactly where. The leak started tonight.
Very helpful, quick and fixed the problem. Will use him again.

Also specialises in heating, flooring and specialist services.

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Previous jobs in Brighton, East Sussex

Hanover and Elm Grove, BN2

Under £100
Repair boiler
We have cold water but not not hot water. Possibly air in the tank.
The item to be repaired is easily accessible

Preston Park, BN1

Under £250
Service gas appliance and issue safety certificate
1 x boiler, 1 x gas fire
Make of boiler: Worcester Bosch
Additional information: Just need a service before selling Both appliances fairly new and boiler has building regs etc

Preston Park, BN1

Under £250
Repair shower
The hot water has stopped working in our shower and we have been advised that the cartridge may need replacing.
The item to be repaired is easily accessible

Preston Park, BN1

Under £500
Install 1 x basin, 1 x heated towel rail, 1 x shower in bath, 1 x tap, 1 x toilet
Customer will supply: bathroom suite, electrical fittings, tiles, flooring
Additional information: We are looking for a plumber to finish off our bathroom. My brother (a plumber) has done all the pipe work but is unable to finish it off. The walls are being tiled this weekend. After that we need the toilet fitted and sink fitted and the shower fitted. It's probably a days work he recons. Ideally we would like it done Next Wednesday (18th) of thursday (19th).

Preston Park, BN1

Under £100
We have a problem with our water tank because there is a constant stream of water coming out of the overspill pipe. This only stops if we run the upstairs cold tap for 10 minutes but eventually it always returns. We had the same problem last year. We got someone out and were told it was probably a worn out stopcock but when they looked at it, it wasn't worn out at all. They couldn't work out what the problem was so just replaced the stopcock anyway and the problem eventually stopped mysteriously. It's returned again though and it doesn't seem to be stopping this time so we need someone to look at it again.

Customer owns and lives at this property

Hanover and Elm Grove, BN2

Under £100
My toilet has started to run by itself after I have flushed it. To stop this, I have to run the shower and the tap in the bathroom and after a while it stops! The main problem is that the cistern is built into the wall and it does not look like there is an easy way to access it and look at the problem. Any help would be much appreciated.

Withdean, BN1

Under £250
Unsold Job, Updated Details : Ceramic cartridge CAR- KT46 needs sourcing and replacing unless it can be removed and cleaned and replaced? Original : The temperature control on our Eurobath Magma Thermostatic Shower Mixer Chrome MAG-145T-C/PC/P (fitted in 2007) has stopped working and needs sourcing and replacing.

Regency, BN1

Under £2,000
We live in a first and second floor maisonette and the boiler does not always supply hot water. You have to turn the heating on and wait a short while. I am interested in vaillant and Worcester. We have one bathroom, two toilets and three lots of taps plus bath and a bidet.

Queen's Park, BN2

Under £100
remove pedestal wash basin & replace with new one,including disconnect & re-connect to water

Regency, BN1

Under £100
I've just moved into a flat and I need someone to fit my washing machine.

It's quite a new Bosch machine.

There is no real plumbing work required.
The previous owner had a washing machine in the same place.
Timing: ASAP