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Reviews of Tradesmen in Tottenham Green, Haringey

Tottenham Green, N15

Under £100
Repair toilet
I have a push button toilet which is malfunctioning - when the flush is released water continues to flow into the bowl.
The item to be repaired is easily accessible
Replied quickly and came over straight away. Did a good job.

Tottenham Green, N15

Under £250
Repair of both the front and back gutters of the house
Very reliable and friendly and excellent quality and value for the job
Rhys Spiers

Also specialises in windows & conservatories, metalwork, building and roofing.

Tottenham Green, N15

Under £250
My pulsacoil 2000 (electric) boiler is intermittently providing hot water. The water is heated fine, but there is something stopping the hot water from coming through the taps etc. It might be the electronics or a valve as I can turn the boiler off and on from the wall and this usually fixes it. It has been getting worse though as it now takes two or three goes to get it working again. It also can stop providing hot water while taps are on (but not on full).

Looking to repair rather than replace
very prompt and friendly service. Replaced the pump, but looked to be some issues with the electronics too. Managed to fix the problem by bypassing the electronics and saving me money on the electronics. Not a complete fix though as the pump needs to be running all the time., so a bit of a trade off.

Tottenham Green, N15

Under £8,000
Install 1 x basin, 1 x bath, 1 x cabinet, 1 x extractor fan, 1 x heated towel rail, 1 x shower cubicle, 1 x tap, 1 x toilet, Shower (not electric)
Other services required: tiled flooring, painting and decorating, plastering, wall tiling, wetroom preparation
Customer will supply: bathroom suite, tiles, flooring, Paint
Additional information: We have just bought a house where the bathroom is downstairs behind the kitchen.. We want it moving upstairs to the smallest room and we also want a toilet under the stairs in the future so we would like the sewage pipe and utilities brought to this area but we don't need the toilet installing now. The roof used to leak which has now been rectified so the plaster work is in a poor condition so will need attention. We want marine board installing and tiling throughout the bathroom but only half way up the wall. The upper half of the wall and the ceiling we would like plastered and painted. We want a bathe, separate shower cubicle, basin, taps, cabinet installed and fan. We have an electrician rewiring the house in 2 weeks so electrical point will be installed prior.
Reliable, good standard of work, would use again. We had extensive work done including changing a bedroom upstairs into a bathroom and rebuilding and plastering all upstairs walls. This was all done to a high standard

Also specialises in carpentry & joinery, heating, specialist services and roofing.

Tottenham Green, N15

Under £100
Unsold lead, updated details: small outside pipe to be removed and replaced with new one, boiler to be serviced , 3 radiators to be bled - am open to discussion on budget over £100 Original: Service boiler,bleed radiators, fix outside pipe
Charlie was very efficient and professional and explained the work required and why. Good job all round.
CF Plumbing & Heating

Also specialises in heating and bathrooms.

Tottenham Green, N17

Under £500
I have 7 radiators in the property, and some of the thermostatic valves are not working, and so will need replacing. 2 of them appear to be working, but the pin gets stuck ever so often, so they may either need replacing or fixing.

I am also tempted to change my bathroom radiator for a towel radiator instead, so please provide this as a separate quote.

I will need all parts providing for the job


Excellent service. As a lady living by herself, I am always slightly apprehensive of people coming round and over quoting me etc. Marik however was brilliant. He responded to my advert post straight away for the money I was expecting to pay. He was able to start immediately and took the time to show me what he was doing, and taught me how to clean the system so maintain my boiler. He went over and above what I initially expected. Thanks Marik. I shall be using you again should anything else need doing!

Tottenham Green, N15

Under £100
Replace Galaxy Aqua 3000 10.5kw electric shower.
(Like for like) Looking for availability to install weekend 15-16 June.
Joe was friendly, professional and knowledgeable - I'd happily recommend him. GLM Plumbing is my new go-to contact if I have any future plumbing projects.
GLM Plumbing

Also specialises in roofing, flooring, bathrooms and specialist services.

Tottenham Green, N15

Under £100
I have an elderly stopcock embedded in a hatch in a concrete floor. It is leaking – not much, but enough to make me want to get it fixed, or better still, taken out. The problem is that it's connected to lead piping coming from the front garden and going to the kitchen. I would very much like to avoid having to dig up the entire concreted hallway and the best part of the front garden to fix this. My plumber won't do it as he has no experience of lead piping.
Florin came when he said he would – with the right parts – and did the job efficiently. I will certainly ask him back for any other plumbing job I need done.

Also specialises in bathrooms, roofing, specialist services and flooring.

Tottenham Green, N15

Under £30,000
Side extension to back addition kitchen of terraced house to form new kitchen extending the full width of the building. Extension 1.56 x 3.08m. Party wall already built up for neighbour's extension. New kitchen and sliding folding patio doors to be fitted.

Bathroom above kitchen to be renovated with new showerbath, basin, w.c. and MDF cupboard to house boiler and washing machine.

We have drawings for all alterations and structural engineer's specs for steels etc.
I found Marius and his team industrious, highly professional, and a joy to work with. I am an interior designer so the tradesmen I use must work to a very high standard, which they did. They were punctual, considerate and took good care of the owner's belongings. They dealt with unexpected problems with good humour determination and ingenuity. The job had to be completed within six weeks - a big ask - and by working long hours they managed to deliver the job on time and within budget. Highly recommended.

Tottenham Green, N15

Under £100
Cistern continuously running but can't remove flush to fix it.
Manji was quick to respond and came at the weekend as well. There was a problem with another part the next day but he came back to fix it the next day really early so I could get to work.a

Also specialises in handyman, carpentry & joinery, kitchens and bathrooms.

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Previous jobs in Tottenham Green, Haringey

Tottenham Green, N15

Under £250
Repair toilet and radiator(s)
2 jobs. One radiator replacement, currently leaking, possibly also replacing other radiators (3) as they are all pretty old. 1 toilet cistern is not filling properly, takes ages. Probably needs new internals.
The item to be repaired is easily accessible

Tottenham Green, N15

Under £250
I need get installed urgently two radiator in a loft.

Tottenham Green, N15

Under £250
Hot water - heating
I don't have hot water from my taps. Radiators are not heating up.
Make of boiler: EVO
Additional information: Looking for someone to quote for repair without call-out charges

Tottenham Green, N15

Under £250
NOT sprinkler system but nothing on website for this particular job. Very small job - fit an outside tap to enable garden hose to be attached to water back garden.

Tottenham Green, N15

Under £500
I would like to replace my storage tank fed hot water cylinder with an unvented system such as a Megaflow.

I would like to position the cylinder in the loft where the current tank is. The mains pressure is good but I don't know the exact pressure. The incoming supply pipe is only 15mm.

The property is a 1 bed flat so only one tap outlet is in use at any one time.

Need quote to:

1. Asses the suitability for an unvented system.
2. Adjust pipe work for new system.
3. Commission & test.
4. Provide building control notification.

(I will provide and pysically put the cylinder in situ prior to you coming to commission as the loft hatch will need to be opened up)

Please call in the evening as I am not always available during working hours.

Tottenham Green, N15

Under £250
Minor leak on cold water supply to kitchen sink
Water supply to washing machine turned off, but we cannot access the back to check, machine is fixed in
Boiler flue is not attached to pipe through wall to outside
Shower hot and cold water do not mix

Tottenham Green, N15

Under £3,000
Install tap(s) and toilet and wash basin and sink and bath and boiler and radiator(s)
Moving kitchen and bathroom so need everything plumbed in
Pipe work will need to be installed

Tottenham Green, N15

Under £100
Repair toilet
The water of the toilet keeps flushing
The item to be repaired is easily accessible

Tottenham Green, N15

Under £100
Hot water boiler - thermostat has gone

Tottenham Green, N15

Under £150
Install shower
Basically got a set of new taps and shower head/pipe I wish to have installed to the existing bath
Pipe work is already in place