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Expert reveals interior design trends for bathrooms

Edited by Bob Witham

While people are calling in builders in Leeds and other parts of the UK to do up their homes, they may be keen to make a few bathroom improvements.

If this is the case, they could follow the advice of Rina Patel from Vastu Design, who pointed out some of the season's top trends.

She said that individuals are no longer "installing great big slabs of stone coloured porcelain" when decorating their rooms, instead opting for decorative tiles, ceramics and "interesting interlocking shapes".

When it comes to fixtures, Ms. Patel claimed free-standing basin units are also growing in popularity, with kitchen-style cabinets and worktops taking a back seat.

LED bulbs, "interesting" mood lighting and back-lit feature walls made from marble or onyx were also recommended by the expert.

Before making any changes to their bathroom, home owners may want to contact plumbers in Leeds as well.

The Shropshire Star recently advised that relocating such a room in a house can present difficulties as it is likely to require a new toilet being connected to an existing waste pipe.