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Experts 'can prevent nasty DIY surprises'

Edited by Tom Bardsley

Calling upon builders in Lincoln could be a good idea for many people if they have big projects and want to avoid any DIY blunders.

Writing for Crafting A Green World, Wenona Napolitano explained that when attempting big projects, it is sometimes best to bring in the professionals.

She stated that "no matter how many books you read or videos you watch that relate to your project … you're not an expert and things are bound to go wrong".

When it comes to doing up a bathroom, Ms. Napolitano pointed out that there is no way of knowing what the condition of the area is "until you tear it down".

If home owners do not like what they discover, they then have the task of rectifying it.

To avoid this kind of situation from occurring, Ms. Napolitano suggesting using a professional tradesman and checking DIY websites for extra guidance.

This comes after chief executive at the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering Blane Judd said many individuals appreciate the extra benefits they get from using qualified tradesmen.