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Never too early to plan a garden, says expert

Edited by Tom Bardsley

Gardeners in Aberdeen and other parts of the UK may be called upon over the coming weeks, as people start to plan their spring backyards.

According to the International Business Times, organisation is key at this time of year, as "it's never too early to start planning".

The first thing gardeners must do is to create a theme and decide which colours should be introduced and where.

Some may decide to place similar hues together, particularly when it comes to flowers, as this can have a dramatic impact on the overall appearance of the plot.

The news source also says it is a good idea to decide whether any larger projects will be embarked upon this year, with decking, patios and pathways a possibility.

Recent advice from the Oregonian advised looking at a garden in an unbiased way, being decisive about what - if anything - could benefit from being changed.