gmcnicholas plumbing +heating

gmcnicholas plumbing +heating

Bathroom, Kitchen and WC Plumbing

Great Job Well Done!

Sprinkler System

Rang G McNicholas for a quote, came to my property and quoted me for work, I had to let him down when he was due to fit an outside tap but arrange another date with him so he could come and fit the tap, he confirmed he would contact me on Thursday but I heard nothing, he did state he had a big job on but its the little jobs that keep companies like that going through winter months, I will not be contacting his company again and have since found a more reliable source who has now fitted my tap

Gas Boiler

I left several messages for gary at gmcnicholas plumbing but received no response. I managed to get hold of him eventually re: service for a combi boiler. At the time he mentioned that he'd taken on a new job and was maxed out - but that a friend could possibly do my job. I politely asked if he could let me know either way...unfortunately I never heard back from him. Whilst I cannot comment on the quality of his work I can without question state that he is extremely unreliable and unprofessional to boot.
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