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Why Choose Quartz Kitchen Worktops?

As an engineered stone, quartz is copiously in vogue, offering unique qualities and benefits that most natural stones fail to deliver. Here are 10 reasons why quartz kitchen worktops might just be a great choice for your kitchen.

quartz kitchen worktops

1. Cost-effectiveness before everything

A unique blend of beauty and robustness, quartz is more affordable compared to granite and other worktop materials. Although price may vary depending upon your preference of style and colour, there are savings to be made with classic quartz worktops and you need not compromise good looks for cheaper rates.

2. A customizable option

Unlike other worktop materials such as toughened glass or laminate, quartz allows you to easily customize the appearance of your worktops. The manufacturer can produce slabs of your desired pattern, texture and colour that best complement your kitchen interiors.

3. Excellent display

Quartz is not mined out of the earth like granite and other materials and cut into slabs. This makes it possible for the manufacturers to engineer worktops that are exceptionally beautiful. They can also be finished so that each has a shiny surface with a muted satin look.

quartz worktops

4. Non-porous properties

Germs and bacteria are never a problem. Its non-porous surface has no room for vermin to inhabit. Since there are no pores like natural stones, quartz kitchen worktops are less likely to collapse in the long run.

5. A low maintenance material

Where you need to keep sealing marble and granite worktops from time to time, quartz doesn’t need routine maintenance. You can clean the worktop surface easily with soap and water and maintain both its beauty and functionality. There is no need to apply costly anti-bacteria cleaning soaps and solutions.

6. Matchless durability

Quartz is 93% pure quartz stone and 7% resin binder and a little colourant. The mix results in a particularly tough substance that’s stronger than other worktop materials such as laminate, glass, wood, Corian and bamboo.

quartz countertops

7. Naturally hygienic

Quartz kitchen worktops prevent bacterial growth. This ensures healthy food preparation and storage.

8. Stain and scratch resistance

The non-porous nature of quartz makes the worktops highly stain and scratch resistant. These worktops will look great indefinitely if you make sure to wipe up spills as soon as possible, use a non-abrasive sponge to do away with heavy stains and avoid cleaning with excessively alkaline or acidic cleaners.

9. Lasting colour

Where most other worktops are dyed for commercial purposes, quartz is used in its natural form.  The multiple colors don’t fade away due to regular use and abuse which helps to keep them looking as good as new throughout their lifespan.

quartz kitchen countertops

10. Hiding seams easier

Quartz and granite worktops will have visible seams when placed in shelves but it is easier to hide them in quartz. Firstly, choosing dark quartz worktops or ones with solid colours will naturally minimise the visibility of seams. Secondly, in case the seams are more apparent, manufacturers will colour, polish and coat quartz, which will hide any remaining seams.

Full credit for all images belongs to Henderstone LTD.

Ryan Henderson is owner of Henderstone LTD, a leading online retailer of quality quartz, granite and other worktop variants for homes and offices in the South East. 

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  1. 1. My wife and I own a Tudor cottage up in the hills. The Oakwood worktop needed immediate replacement and got us thinking on new ideas. We started reading about quartz worktops and I must say we were really impressed with its qualities. But let’s be practical more than anything – it was the price tag we loved the most! It suited our renovation budget perfectly. And my wife got it in her favourite green colour.

  2. could you =lease send relevant hardness tests for all kitchen surfaces … I understand that normal laminate is still the hardest..I am building a new house and have an open mind on surfaces.

  3. I have two teenage daughters who have sudden urges to cook in the kitchen all by themselves. On this Sunday, they locked me out and wanted to throw a pizza lunch for their dad and me. To my horror, they were cutting and dicing right on my new quartz worktop. But to my utter relief on close scrutiny, I noticed that my worktop had stood the ordeal bravely. There was not a scratch to be seen on the surface. I did lose my best dicing knife though, hah!

    1. Oh dear, very pleased to hear that your worktop did you proud! It just goes to show that if you invest in a high quality material, it will pay off in the long run.

  4. Hey, Reading your article got us a clear view to choose quartz kitchen worktops. And Even the pictures in it helps us in understanding it more. keep sharing.

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