10 tips for 10 small spaces

It’s all very well finding tips to make the most of a small room but it’s time consuming to research each area when your house is small all over. I’ve compiled a list of ten tips for ten different spaces to help you maximise every inch of your home.

Living room

The key to making the most of your living room lies with its colour. Neutral shades will help a living room appear larger while a darker shade on a feature wall will make the wall appear further away, opening up the space. While it’s best to avoid using colour too boldly, the same approach doesn’t apply to texture. Mirrored, metallic surfaces will reflect light and open up the space. How to make the most of living room space in a small flat.

Kitchen diner

Pick furniture with storage space like coffee tables with shelving underneath. Benches are ideal if you have a kitchen diner, as you can tuck the seating away underneath the table when it’s not being used. Opt for furniture with legs, to avoid blocking out the space.

Small spaces design

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Small spaces under the stairs

Make use of under-stairs space by turning it into an home office. All you need is a table and chair and you can re-purpose the gap between the table and the underneath of the stairs, by adding shelving to house your folders. Don’t let the height go to waste.


If you have a narrow hallway and want to lay wooden or laminated flooring, place each plank lengthways. Your eye will focus on tracing the length of the room rather than remaining fixated on the room’s width.

Small home design

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In-between rooms

Consider replacing your doors with pocket doors which slide into a stud wall. When they’re closed, you won’t notice a difference but your standard door takes up a lot of room when it’s open.

Dining room

If you have a separate room to entertain, stackable chairs could help you save on space when they’re not in use. They’re ideal for a separate dining room, especially if you have young children who are likely to want home birthday parties. Musical chairs, anyone? Avoid white for a grown-up look but any other colour that fits with your choice of room decor will work.

Home decorating ideas

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If you’re starting from scratch, the industrial look is popular so I’d be tempted to choose a dark grey or red shade. If you can’t find the exact colour that you need, there’s always spray painting – which works best when lacquered. As Abigail Ahern has explained, becoming friends with a local mechanic could work in your favour!

Underneath the window sill

Do you have space underneath your window sill? If so, creating a window seat could be a better option than trying to squeeze in another chair. Many people try to fit a table and chair in their bedroom to give them somewhere to sit other than on their bed but it can impose on a small bedroom and you’ll end up with a space that looks more like a bedroom and study combo.

Window sill with red pillow

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Small home design tips

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Shoe cupboard

If your shoe cupboard is anything like mine, it’s in danger of over spilling and it doesn’t leave visitors with the best impression when they take their shoes off to make themselves at home. Introducing shelving and a ceiling rack will create a more organised space.

Under the bed

We’ve all stored unwanted items underneath our beds at some point but if you clear this out and invest in an organised system, you can minimise the clutter in your room. Storage baskets are brilliant and you can pick them up from just about anywhere.

Kitchen cabinet

To cheat space, take off the doors to your kitchen cabinet and display your glasses and other kitchenware on shelving. You can create a neater look if you adjust the height of each shelf in keeping with the height of the items that you’re going to display. As everything’s on show for all to see, it’ll also teach you to be resourceful with what you buy, which will also help you to save space in the long run! Read also: Kitchen island alternatives for when you’re short on space.

Saving space in your home is all about effective design particularly when you only have a small space to work with. If you are looking for any kind of home transformation, whether it’s decoration or something more drastic, find local tradespeople, and post a job for free.

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