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3 Quick-Win House Maintenance Tasks

Sometimes, we promise ourselves that we’ll get around to performing a house maintenance task but despite our good intentions, another task gets in the way. Once your home starts to slip, it’s easy to let it slip just that little bit further. Before you know it, you’ve got a disorganised home at best or one that’s slowly falling apart at worst. You wouldn’t feel comfortable entertaining a friend, let alone showing a stranger around.

Taking some time out to perform one of our house maintenance tasks will help you stay on track.

Oil your locks

When we think about maintaining our homes, we often think about what we can see. Those coats piled up on the hallway banister or the one cupboard that needs replacing in the kitchen. There are all sorts of areas in the home that pass by unnoticed, such as your door locks. If your locks aren’t clean, they’re likely to break and your front door key can easily get jammed mid-turn and lock you out of your home.

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Outside locks are exposed to the elements so they’re bound to clog up, even if they’re not touched by sticky fingers! Every 4-6 months, take 10 minutes out to choose a graphite or Teflon based spray and insert the stem into the lock to spray and remove any dirt that has built up. The dirt will be flushed out before the liquid evaporates, leaving a shiny adhesive coating which acts as a protective barrier. Keep on spraying until you can’t see any dirt coming out of the lock. Don’t be tempted to use liquids or powdered graphite that aren’t designed for locks as non-evaporating products are a magnet for dirt and they will only add to the buildup.

Clean the sink

The rest of your home might be sparkling but a dirty sink isn’t socially acceptable in the way that a messy corner of the room is. Take 20 minutes out of your day and bring yours up to scratch. Turn the tap on for a minute until you’ve made sure that your whole sink is wet. If your sink is made of porcelain or stainless steel, gently shake baking powder all over the surface until you have a thin layer coating the sink and rub it in with a wet sponge until the texture changes to a doughy paste. You’ll remove the stains and scum with the alkaline. Finish up by washing the baking soda away until the sink is clear.

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For copper and stone sinks, swap the baking powder for ordinary hand soap as chemical cleaners, even those that are lemon or vinegar based, will stain the finish. Stone sinks will absorb all liquids, even water, so they’ll need to be left dry after they’ve had a freshen up.

Fix peeling wallpaper

Dealing with wallpaper might sound like a tough, laborious job but you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can turn it around. Look out for signs of peeling in the edges which separate different sheets and in the areas where the wallpaper comes into contact with the ceiling and floor.

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If you spot peeling, take action by lightly wetting a piece of kitchen roll – being sure to not soak the paper. If the wallpaper is too wet or dry, it can be easily damaged and you’ll have another problem on your hands! Seam adhesive that has been designed with wallpaper in mind will then be your best friend. Use a small brush to lightly spread the adhesive onto the bottom of the wallpaper seam and fix it with a seam roller or cloth until it’s stuck firmly in place. If you’ve been a bit eager with the glue, use a slightly damp piece of kitchen roll as it may stain if you try to remove it dry.

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