Winter Home Energy Saving Tips

We might have had some of the warmest winters on record in recent years, but with storms blowing through Britain and impending snowfall predicted, early 2016 could be a game changer.

So before the breathtaking winds and icy temperatures set in this week, the European removals experts at are bringing you 5 top tips for home energy saving this season – helping you to keep winter firmly outdoors and make sure your heating bills stay low. Yes, it might be January but Spring is still a way off yet.

1. Pick up the phone

Every year, households haemorrhage copious amounts of cash through their energy bills – but switching your energy supplier could see you make some much needed savings. Although it can be time consuming, ringing around energy providers will give you a clear indication of how much you could be saving by switching – and a few minutes on the phone will be time well spent when you receive your next energy bill.

You might find that your current provider is willing to price match other quotes – meaning that you might not even have to change providers at all, and could still save money.

2. If walls could talk

energy saving

You’ll probably have heard the old expression ‘if walls could talk’ – well, if your walls could talk, they’d tell you how much heat your home is unnecessarily losing! Drafts can come from the smallest gaps under your doors or cracks in your walls, and can result in your home losing excess heat.

Eliminating unnecessary drafts could be much easier than you think with just a few cheap and simple products. Door draft excluders can be picked up from just about anywhere on the high street and definitely won’t break the bank. For those annoying wall cracks, a simple tube of caulk will seal up holes left behind by switches and sockets and you’ll soon feel the difference.

3. Wrap up!

Once winter hits, it’s all too tempting to turn up the radiators to warm your house – but with some forward-thinking, you can stay warm without breaking the bank. Whether it’s filling up a hot water bottle, bringing out some extra blankets or investing in a higher tog duvet for your bed, you needn’t just rely on central heating to stay warm.

It might seem like a simple solution to saving money, but adding an extra layer can make all the difference when it comes to your heating bills.

4. Block out the breeze

save energy

When it comes to heat inefficiency, windows can be a huge contributor to unwelcome energy bills. While older homes are more likely to have standard single or double glazed windows, newer homes come with the added benefit of more energy efficient windows – and these are something you might want to consider investing in. By adding a third pane of treated glass to your windows, you can reduce the amount of heat which is lost through your windows.

Many households set their windows to safety locks during the warmer months – allowing a gentle breeze into your home while still ensuring your property stays safe from potential intruders. Now that winter has arrived, check all of your windows and make sure they’re fastened completely shut.

5. Empty room? Don’t heat it!

One of the biggest ways to waste money in the winter season is by heating rooms which aren’t in use. Whether it’s a spare bedroom, a garage or a loft conversion, if the room isn’t in use, make sure you turn off the radiators.

If you don’t want to turn off the heating entirely, try experimenting with lowering temperatures in each room. You might find that you can heat multiple rooms on a lower setting than you’re currently using – which will ensure your house stays at a reasonable temperature without leaving you with a sky high heating bill.

With these tips for winter home improvement, you can prepare yourself for the impending change in temperature (yes snow is – apparently – on its way) giving you an energy saving, cosy home and keeping your wallet happy.

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