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6 Design Tricks that Create Space

An extension isn’t always the solution for making a room look bigger. You might not have the garden space or money to build one that complements your home. These six techniques can help your room appear bigger, in a more cost-friendly manner. The more techniques you follow to create space, the bigger your room will look.

Let light in

The more light you let in, the larger your room will seem. Wall lighting will save on floor space and open up the room but natural light is more important. It can be tempting to choose darker curtain colours to recreate the feeling of a cosy retreat but this will only make your walls appear likely to close in on themselves. Blinds are the best option as they make a room look less cluttered, but you’ll notice benefits with sheer or lighter cream curtains too. Mount curtain poles as close to the ceiling as possible so that the fabric seems to fall to the floor from a great height. If you have a window recess, make sure that the poles extend beyond this so that the curtains can be drawn further back.

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Lighten up your walls

Lighter colours such as creams, baby pinks and blues reflect light to make a space seem airy and open. If your wall trim and moulding are lighter than the walls, the wall will seem to recede back and create space. I especially like the idea of painting the walls, trim and moulding in different shades belonging to one colour family – such as white, cream and beige. Or a white alongside a white that’s been tinted with a pale yellow or light blue. It’s subtle but very effective.

Blend colours 

Since you don’t have much space available, avoid fussy patterns and dramatic colour schemes as they will make the area look too fussy. You don’t need to avoid variety altogether but you’ll need to achieve it more subtly. Blend lighter shades together on your walls and furniture. The ombre look is perfect for this, as long as you keep the colour hues as close to one another as possible. Don’t jump too drastically from a pure white to a mid blue to a dark blue. Tone it down by mixing some grey into the white and adding in a lighter blue to bridge the gap.  

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Choose oversized furniture

Maximise your storage and create a focal point by placing an oversized piece of furniture in a small room. A focal point will draw the eye away from the room’s size and it’s easy to pick, depending on what room you’re working with. Your bed will be the obvious focus in the bedroom, while a statement sofa is a good option for the living room. Glass furniture, such as a table or a sofa with glass legs, will take this one step further by allowing light to filter underneath the furniture itself.

If you choose smaller items, you’ll find you need more furniture for storage space. It’s far better to choose larger and fewer items to stop the room from appearing too chaotic. You’ll even find that statement furniture will double up as space dividers too, creating a room that’s snug and inviting.

Trick the eye with stretching

If you’re thinking of covering up your flooring with a rug, make sure that it spans the entire length or width of the room. It will create a stretching effect which extends the lines through and tricks the eye into thinking that the space is bigger than it really is. If you have a mini library collection, colour co-ordinating the books on each shelf will make your interior design look more streamlined. Less clutter adds volumes.

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Angle furniture

It goes without saying that the more visible your floor space, the larger your room will look. However, angling your furniture isn’t common knowledge. An angled bed will distract the eye into tracing the longest straight line in any room – its diagonal. Starting with the longer side of the bed, your focus will extend to the corner of the room, rather than tracing the length of a short wall.

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