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Bathroom Wall Art Ideas and Advice

Your bathroom is up there with the bedroom as the most intimate and personal space in your home. It is of vital significance in your daily routine. I pay special attention to mine and have been decorating it using bathroom wall art ideas for a long time to bring it to life. It takes some getting used to, however; you will  learn how to get  your paintings in the bathroom right after a period of trial and error. I now have a beautiful collage in our main bathroom, amazing vinyl wall decals in the guest bath and some quirky art pieces in my kid’s bathroom.

Paintings endow personality, depth, intrigue, charm and sophistication to spaces and this holds true for your bathroom as well.

Bathroom walls are not exactly the ideal places to hang paintings as it’s frequently damp and humid in the room but that doesn’t make them a no-no – you just need to make sure that you take all the steps necessary to ensure the wellbeing of your art.

bathroom wall art ideas

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Bathroom wall art ideas and advice


Frame It Fab

The frame should match the style and look of the painting as well as the bathroom. Ideally the painting should be the statement piece in your bathroom, a sort of attention-grabber. To enable this, make sure your frame compliments the colour scheme of the painting or lays emphasis on a particular colour.

If the frame is of the same colour as the wall, it will make your art stand out. This will help you get away with a less-than-perfectly organised bathroom, like mine always is.

Mat Matters

The mat is very important while framing your painting. It should be oneshade lighter than the painting and darker than the wall.

Mat ensures there is a gap between the painting and the glass. This protects your painting from the condensation that may occur behind the glass due to temperature fluctuations. It ensures breathability of the painting, which is very important considering the environment in a full bathroom.

Moisture can cause discolouration of the painting and breed fungi and mould.

Invest in a Sturdy Glass

Choose a glass that is appropriate and protects your painting from splashes. Paintings should be kept away from harsh sunlight. Open and full sunlight is highly improbable in your bathroom so you can forego the expensive UV-filtering glass and opt for a clear picture frame glass. Plexiglass is another option to consider.

Ensure Acid-Free Work

Acid-free materials should be used as far as possible. Acid yellows and disintegrates your painting.

Check with your framer and insist on using archival quality material. They endow longevity and protect your artwork.

Extra Tips

If you want an oil painting, you should  consider buying one with a polyester fabric for canvas. Although it isn’t long-lasting, it absorbs less moisture compared to natural fabric and is resistant to fungi.. The fabric/canvas may be attached to a water-resistant sheetrock/drywall, as is found in bathrooms. The stretch bars need to be sealed to prevent moisture and fungi buildup.



Don’t leave gaps

There Should Be No Gap between the Painting and the Glass. The painting should not touch the glass as this will be a recipe for moisture damage.

Choose your location carefully

Choose a safe spot to hang the painting, ideally never too close to the shower or the heater. Heat and moisture can cause irreparable damage to the painting.

Don’t Lock Them Up

If you are worried about the effect of humidity on your paintings, you can rotate your paintings occasionally. Expose the painting to warm sunlight for a few hours for 2-4 days at a time. If you do this a few times each year, you  will reduce mould and fungi buildup on your painting.

Don’t Put Up Super-Expensive Art

Limited edition prints, precious family heirlooms and pieces of sentimental value are best displayed elsewhere. Spare yourself the worry and get inexpensive pieces for your bathroom. It won’t pinch you to have them replaced if the worst should happen.

Don’t Opt for Delicate and Fragile Art

Ensure your paintings are strong and durable. Delicate art like watercolour paintings are not ideal for humid and moist bathrooms. Go for acrylic on canvas or wood, or Giclee prints that are strong enough to weather the not-so-friendly environment in the bathroom. Oil paintings are long-lasting, if properly cared for.

Bathrooms are as important as your living room or bedroom. Do be creative, attentive and thoughtful while decorating. Not only will this ensure you enjoy your me-time in the bathroom, it will also win you the admiration of anyone who happens to pop in.

Sophia Mann writes on paintings and art. Her interest in the visual arts developed early when she attempted to duplicate a drawing her brother had brought home as a school assignment. She has been fascinated with this medium of artistic expression ever since.


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