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A home improvement too far: the moat

Infinity pools, basement excavations, home cinemas, underground car parks, just when you thought celebrity home improvements couldn’t get any more extreme, along came Gisele with a moat!

It took three years to complete and now supermodel Gisele Bündchen and her quarterback husband Tom Brady have moved into their $20 million moated mansion. The house contains a six-car garage, state of the art gym, a wine cellar and a butler’s room – obviously. This home has all the mod-cons a celebrity home in LA needs, plus a moat.


Image source: Splash News

You might be wondering if the moat is her favourite part of the property. Well no actually. She told PEOPLE that she’s planning on planting her own vegetables and herbs and that will be her favourite part of the house. She won’t be pushed for space for her veggie plot – there’s already a dedicated castle-like play area, basketball court and the moat with a bridge.


Image source: Splash News

Gisele and Tom opted for some eco-options in the form of solar-panels, energy saving lighting, rainwater recovery, waste reduction and sustainable building materials. The environmentalists in the area, however, were not impressed by the size of the build, but Gisele insisted that it’s an environmentally-friendly mega-mansion (if that’s possible).

What’s next? How do you top a moat? If anyone can it’ll be the LA celebs, watch this space…


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