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A royal mess: The Queen’s palaces deteriorate

We all tend to think of the Queen as living in the lap of luxury. Whenever we use the term royal, we’re picturing everything upmarket and elegant. Before Prince George Alexander Louis was born, our nursery decoration report uncovered everything that you’d expect from the royal family – a Moses basket bought from the boutique Blue Almonds store and classic cream and brown stripey curtains at £131.76 a metre. In home decoration, the regal look is high end and classy. It’s a style that implies that you have money at your disposal, even if you don’t have much at all.

With that in mind, imagine my surprise when I learnt that our Queen is actually living in crumbling palaces which would take £50 million to repair.

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The lack of upkeep has caused 39% of her estate to be declared as “below target condition”, according to Senior Royal Treasurer, Sir Alan Reid. Dangerous asbestos has made itself at home in her walls, rewiring is needed after over 60 years of neglect and many rooms haven’t been decorated for the same amount of time. For a monarchy so keen on refreshing their image through Kate and William, it’s a shame the same approach hasn’t been applied to their home improvements.

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The paint may date back 60 years but the living conditions date back far further. Imagine having to dodge buckets of rainwater spurting from roof leaks and keep on swapping them for empty ones before they damage any artwork. It’s almost warlike.

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Of course, Her Majesty is very busy but it seems that it’s not laziness putting off the repair jobs. Government funding has cut the Queen’s finances by up to 60% and now that the jobs have been put off, they’ve spiralled, hence the big bill. It just goes to show that it’s not just us commoners delaying our maintenance jobs to end up worse off. And it’s not just us who’ve suffered from tightening our purse strings either!

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