AA urges homeowners to protect their keys

Homeowners who install extra security systems at their property may inadvertently also be protecting their car in the process, it has been suggested.

This is because the face of car crime is changing, according to the AA. Nowadays, more vehicles are equipped with improved security such as immobilisers, so more and more criminals are targeting people’s homes in an attempt to steal car keys.

AA President Edmund King said there has been a large fall in car crime since the mid-90s, but there has been a shift in focus to sophisticated offences aimed at top-of-the-range vehicles.

He revealed there has been a 15% increase in all cars stolen following the theft of keys by domestic burglary or robbery.

“Last year, 15,700 cars were stolen after keys were taken in a burglary and 2,900 cars stolen after keys taken in muggings, pickpockets or carjacking,”, highlighting how homes are being increasingly targeted.

A spokesperson for The Association of British Insurers said home security is “important” for all providers and some “may require homeowners to have a functioning intruder alarm installed before they offer cover.

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