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Adding a new toilet to our home is somewhere near the bottom of the list when it comes to things we would like to spend money on. It is not particularly sexy, nor it is the kind of thing that you regularly see beautifully photographed in your favourite interiors magazine. Then there is all that pesky plumbing and the associated costs that it entails.

But carving a new ‘smallest room’ out of available space in your home is a surefire way to both improve the quality of your home life and add value to your property. Large airing cupboards, space under the stairs and sections of corridor can all be converted for use as an additional toilet.

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Keeping your new WC simple is the main thing that will keep costs down, but you are probably going to want and need at least a small wash basin, some kind of ventilation and a source of light in the room (both natural and artificial if you can manage that). The first thing to do is to look for suitable spaces in your home and then start to think about your budget. A builder will be able to help you with locating a suitable space and determining a budget, if you are sure you want to go ahead with such a project.

Cost of under stairs toilet

The cost of having a new toilet installed under your stairs can vary from £1,000 to £3,000, depending on how much work needs to be done. For example, you may need to have the under stairs area walled off, you may need a window built or you may have a space where all this is already in place. Fixtures and fittings are all variables in this job too, so you will need to factor in whether you want the DIY superstore’s cheapest (own brand) offering at around £50, or something more designer.

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Other factors that you may wish to consider are whether you want the cistern hidden and if you need heating running into the room. This could be done with an electrical heater or towel rail, or you could simply add a radiator into your current central heating set up.


Your new toilet will need to comply with building regulations, although you should not need planning permission for it unless you home is a listed building. The main concerns under building regulations are correct drainage and proper installation of any new electrical fittings and circuits. You will also need an electric ventilation fan if you do not have a window in your new WC. But your tradesperson should be happy to advise you on which model you require, as well as dealing with any other building regulations issues.

The easiest way to get a precise cost for installing a new toilet is to post a job for free and receive some quotes from bathroom specialists in your area.



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Things to consider

Obviously, the kind of job you have done and what you spend will influence how much a new toilet can add to the value of your home. The location and desirability of homes in your area is also a factor. But there is little doubt that the addition of that extra loo will make your home a more attractive prospect when it comes to selling. Making sure that any downstairs toilet is wheelchair accessible or disability-friendly will also increase the contribution it makes to its selling power.

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Once the WC is completed then you can think about décor. The fact that it is hidden away means you can be a little experimental if you like, or even give it a theme. Just make sure you can quickly strip it back to something more universally appealing once you plan to sell up.  At Rated People we can help you find tradespeople for any type and size of job. Customers who have found their local tradesperson through us are able to review and leave ratings. Get peace of mind and make an informed decision knowing others in your area have had a great service from that tradesperson.

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