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Ceiling Decoration Ideas

Most of the impressive ceilings that we see nowadays are located in religious buildings and art museums. They’re stained glass and bring a room to life with an injection of colour. Impressive as they may be, what I find really interesting is seeing how a ceiling can transform a home. We tend to think of interior design as working from the walls down but that’s not strictly true.

I’ve rounded up the best ceiling decoration ideas that have made an impression on me. For now, they tend to belong to the wealthy but who’s to say what the future holds. Perhaps we’ll be swapping the white space above our heads sooner than we think.

Ceiling decoration ideas

The peacock

ceiling decoration ideas

Image Source: Houzz

Peacocks are known for being majestic and it’s said that having peacock feathers around brings harmony and encourages you to be proud of your home. While the feathers may not be authentic, their visual presence above the kitchen island is comforting. The male bird dances in front of the female when he’s courting her – reminding us to celebrate life. Not only that, the beautiful blue and purple tones are the perfect complement for this coloured carpeting.

Sloping art

ceiling ideas

Image Source: Houzz

Sloping ceilings can be hard to work with in design terms but the owner of this loft space has opted for a quirky approach. Rather than fuss over perception, they’ve chosen to use their framed photography. The only niggle comes with having faces staring down at you while you’re sleeping. If it were me, I’d prefer a slope that was positioned more centrally in the room, if structurally possible.

The wallpapered ceiling

ceiling design

Image Source: Houzz

A wallpapered ceiling can help reign in the height of a room and make it feel more inviting, as this Florida home proves. The heavily patterned design is neatly positioned within the moldings which add structure and top up the extravagance in the richly textured space.

The neutral statement

ceiling art

Image Source: Pinterest

The current trend for white rooms takes to ceiling art very well. This sandy coloured ceiling proves that you don’t have to have a penchant for over the top colours and prints to give your ceiling personality. A heavy white or cream colour scheme with a pop of colour creates interesting chemistry. Just look at the way the ceiling plays off the bold green chairs.

Bringing the outside in

nursery ceiling

Image Source: Houzz

Painting outside elements like clouds or stars on a nursery ceiling isn’t new but by extending the design through to the top of the walls, this time it’s more believable. You can get a feel for the movable nature of clouds as they respond to wind and the earth’s constant rotation. Each cloud has been hand-painted but you could get a similar effect from airbrushing.

Do you think ceiling art could take off in the future? Let us know by commenting below or getting in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

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