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Cork Home Accessories and Décor

Recently we told you about eco-floors and how cork is an extremely durable material as well as an excellent environmental choice. Cork is such a sustainable option as the cork oak tree is being stripped every 10 years and re-grows completely without damage. There’s no tree wastage. Since we don’t only focus on flooring options, we fished around to see what other cork home accessories are on the market. For sustainability’s sake.

cork home accessories

Cork home accessories

These shaded cork lamps designed by Carlo Trevisani for Seletti embrace the on-trend industrial look. The cork colour is warm and inviting and would look great hanging over a white kitchen island or dining table.

cork home decor

Rotate these cork benches from UM Project in whatever fashion suits you and your home. Use as a desk, bench or storage. Perfect furniture for kids’ rooms as it’s as fun as it’s practical. Pin photos or notes to the standing bench and it becomes a pin board.

cork interior design

I bet you never thought you’d see a wallpaper made of cork. But this Klimt-inspired wallpaper from Thibaut makes cork look chic and creative. As cork is a natural insulator, both acoustically and temperature-wise, it would make sense to layer your walls with this covering to protect your home.


Cork is a very lightweight material so this chaise longue won’t be too hard to move if put in the wrong corner. Daniel Michalik, the designer behind the Cortiça, says he likes cork because it’s recyclable, reusable, anti-bacterial and won’t rot.  The cork Daniel uses is waste material from wine stoppers, so his designs don’t get much greener than that!

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