Are you living with a NERD?


It may or not surprise you to hear that 1 in ten Brits have been living with a NERD for over 5 years. By NERD, I am referring to a Never Ending Renovation Drama, or unfinished home improvement project to you and me. Inspired by Phil Spencer’s long standing obsession and frustration with unfinished DIY projects we decided to delve a little deeper…

We conducted a survey of 3,000 adults to find out how home improvement mishaps affect British families, with shocking results. It turns out that over half of us Brits are living with a NERD – which is equivalent to almost 14 million households – and they’re causing arguments in nearly a quarter of households.

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most likely to be suffering a blight of NERDs and the most common cause, a lack of time. It’s not a surprise, people undertake DIY jobs and they take longer than expected and in some cases, much longer. The research found that it’s not just our homes that are suffering, NERDs are contagious. One in 10 people admitted to suffering from insomnia while worrying about their unfinished  projects, while others are experiencing panic attacks as a result. But the embarrassment factor tops them all with one in five people feeling they are unable to invite people into their home.

Our research was able to uncover the tops causes of NERDs as: a lack of time, a change in financial situation and a lack of skills.

While well-executed home improvement projects can have a positive impact on the value of a property, an unfinished renovation can have a detrimental effect on how a home is perceived by potential buyers. This is where Phil’s advice should be noted: “Only take on projects you can realistically complete and if you’re living with a NERD, call in an expert to complete it – especially if you’re looking to sell the property.”

If in doubt call in in expert to avoid joining the 14 million sufferers.