Art deco design ‘set to be popular once more’

With summer just around the corner, now might be the perfect time for you to overhaul your home by giving it a brand new, fresh look in time for the warmest part of the year. After all, if you are intending to invite friends and family round for social gatherings while the sun is out, you will want a smart and stylish home to show off to them.

Ellie Tennant, an interiors journalist, has spoken on the subject of what people will be opting for in their properties in 2012 and came up with the answer of art deco. She believes the trend will emerge once more this year, with the 1920s feel said to be extremely attractive to homeowners. “Perhaps because of the recession it’s been very fashionable to be pared back and simple recently, but one of the things I’ve really seen coming through is a glamorous, decadent kind of look,” Ms Tennant stated.

Of course, you could join the trend relatively easily by hiring a professional decorator to carry out the home improvements and then sitting back as he or she gets to work on transforming the character and appearance of your dwelling. Ms Tennant went on to recommend several colours she believes will be at the forefront of design this year. For instance, she named purple as a top shade, while gold and bronze finishes will be good choices.

Even touches as slight as adding new cushions can have an effect, so it is worth thinking about exactly how you want a local tradesman to do up your home. Interior designer Jo Hamilton recently expressed her belief that children’s bedrooms should be decorated in bright colours in order to aid their creativity. While this might not be what you are looking for in other parts of a property, it might pay to set a professional decorator on two tasks at once.

If you’re looking for a skilled decorator in your local area, we can help you find one. Post your job on and we’ll put you in touch with up to three tradesmen. Read their reviews and ratings online and select the right one for you and your job. That way you’ll know that you’re employing an expert who you can trust.

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