Art deco style ‘is making comeback’

When it comes to decorating your home in 2012, it is important to pick a style that is sure to remain trendy both in the immediate future and for as long as possible.

Doing up a home so that it looks its magnificent best is a worthwhile venture and could be completed to the highest standard by a professional. If you wish to instruct a painter or decorator to ensure you get exactly what you want, why not take a note of the tips provided this week by Adrienne Chinn, director of She explained that there are a number of trends coming into fashion at the moment, but perhaps none as strongly as the art deco movement.

The expert predicted we are going to “see a lot more” art deco in 2012, as people look to bring it into their homes at any opportunity. Ms Chinn explained it is already a big hit in women’s fashion and this typically means it will soon translate into the furniture and interior design market. “You are starting to see things like wall decals more and the use of wallpaper murals – which are images that have been blown up and put on wallpaper,” the industry chief stated. “We are [also] seeing wallpaper panels, so a strip of wallpaper on a wall and the rest is all painted in a colour.”

And when it comes to metals, you may be interested to hear that brass finishes – which have not been widely seen since the 1960s and 1970s – are now very much back in fashion and sure to be a “big trend” this year.

Interior designer Helen Green, author of the blog on, recently advised that symmetry is the key to a great look in the home at the moment and can be introduced in a variety of forms and features.

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