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Ask an expert: bathroom and flooring queries solved

If you’ve got a home improvement problem and you’d like advice from someone who deals with these issues every day, our Ask an expert section is the place to visit. It’s a dedicated space where you can put your question to our tradespeople experts across 27 different categories, from plumbing and roofing to gardening and carpentry.

This past week, it’s been bathrooms and flooring on homeowners’ minds, as well as a mix of heating and ceiling queries. Read on to find out what questions were put to the pros and the words of wisdom they had to share.


First up is John who asked which trade he’d need to hire to sort out a bathroom extractor fan. The answer? A registered electrician – thanks Jason of j& t electrical.

Also focused on their bathroom was Priscila, a fan of wooden floorboards who wondered whether it was practical to have them in a bathroom. Steve from 1971 explained that there wouldn’t be a problem with keeping them as long as she takes steps to protect them from water ingress.


Shahruka had a different kind of flooring dilemma – what to do to fix uneven flooring without removing the floorboards. Two of our experts, Edward and Peter, advised to focus on the skirting and fix that to match the flooring.


This time of year, we always see an influx of heating questions as the weather turns colder. We often read that radiators aren’t working properly but this week Debby came with her own idea about why only one of her radiators is heating up and asked our plumbers what they thought.
As Steve of 1971 explained, a boiler prioritises hot water over central heating so a leaking hot tap can definitely affect the central heating system. We all learnt that a radiator issue might not always be down to an isolated boiler problem.

Last but not least, Ann was looking for the price of taking down two ceilings and putting up plasterboard and plaster. Simon from simon property management really delved into the importance of knowing as much about a job as possible before being able to give an accurate quote for the work, as he encouraged Ann to come back with measurements of the ceilings as well as answer a few other specific questions.


There are a number of things which affect how the jobs would be carried out and the amount of work that would be involved with each task, all of which affects the quote given. So if you’re thinking of posting a job to find a tradesperson, remember to give as much detail as you can in your description.

To read more questions and answers, or put your own question to the experts, just head to our Ask section.

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  1. We need our wetroom floor levelling. It’s about 8×6 .The manhole cover sits higher than the rest of the floor. Would it cost a lot to put it right.

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