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Ask an expert: cost of work and help with an extension

If you have a question about work that needs doing in your home, you can ask a tradesperson at our Ask an expert section. From plumbers to window and conservatory specialists, there are over 27 categories for you to post a question and ask for expert help.

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This week, we’ve seen queries around the cost of work and knowing if existing footings can withstand a planned extension. Have a read of three of the questions below and if you’d like to read more or ask your own question, just head to Ask an expert.

The cost of replacing a fuse box

Dori needs her fuse box replacing and has already received a quote for the work. She wanted to know if the quote she’d received was fair and typical for what needs doing.


Four of our registered electricians got back in touch and the overall consensus was that the price was good with three of the four tradespeople stating that it seemed about right. Jeff from Rewired 4 U told her that he charges £290 and as joe of Johnson Electrical (Dorset) ltd explained, some tradespeople may charge a bit more and others a bit less – it depends on what’s involved with the job. He also advised Dori on how to avoid hidden charges.

While Neville of N jones driveways&property maintenance said he felt the price was a little high, he offered some great advice about what to do to understand the quote you’ve been given – ask for a complete breakdown so you know how much you’re paying for labour and materials.

The cost of levelling a floor

Like Dori, Sabeel headed to Ask an expert to ask tradespeople how much he should expect to pay for a home improvement job – only he was looking for a figure for floor levelling rather than replacing a fuse box. Dale/Tony of Green tree construction told him that he could expect to pay £300 for good Latex self-levelling compound.


Extension above a garage

Last but not least, Kevin’s planning to build an extra bedroom above his garage. He contacted our registered builders for advice on how to tell if footings can withstand the extension. He also wondered if he’d need planning permission.


Steve of Repair and Restore advised him to get a test dig done to have a look at the footings, if he doesn’t have the plan and building regulation paperwork for the garage. He also pointed him to his local planning authority to find out whether he’d need planning permission for the work.

To ask your own home improvement question, visit Ask an expert. Or if you already know what needs doing, find a tradesperson to help with the project, no matter how big or small.

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  1. How much should it cost to put an ensuite bathroom into a bedroom? The plumbing is in place one floor down, so can be connected easily.

    1. Hi Michele,

      You’d want to head to our Ask an expert section to ask your own question for tradespeople to answer.


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