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Ask an expert: gas questions answered

Attempted a bit of DIY that went wrong or not sure what’s causing a problem around the home? Our Ask an expert section is the place to go to ask our registered tradespeople for some friendly advice.

This week, our experts were asked all sorts from who to hire for a shower reseal (handyman), to the average price for an 8×8 shed base (turns out it’s around £10 a square metre – thanks Ben). With the temperature outside dropping, we saw a number of gas questions coming in, asking for advice to tackle their boiler troubles.


Emily asked for help with a problematic boiler that sounds like it’s working fine but not heating up her radiators and Jan from South Coast Boilers was on hand to help out. If you’ve got the same problem, here’s what he had to say:


Anthony didn’t have a problem with his boiler but he had something equally frustrating – a gas oven that doesn’t give off any heat. T.S. from D.E.S. explained that that often happens with gas cookers and advised him on a replacement part:


To see more questions and answers, head over to the Ask an expert section of our site. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, why not post your own question in one of the 27 categories. If you need practical help with a home improvement job, head to our homepage instead where you can post your job.

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