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Ask an expert: Injection damp proofing

We know it can sometimes be difficult to set a budget for a job or to be sure which type of tradesman you need to resolve your issue. That’s why we’ve developed our Ask an expert section. You can ask for help from those best placed to help you – our professional tradesmen.

In the last two weeks, we’ve had lots of you get in touch asking about everything from a blocked toilet to air conditioning. In our ‘Specialist Services’ category, Richard Woods asked about his damp proofing problem and I thought I would share the responses with you as most of us have experienced damp or are likely to in the future. Those black patches on the ceiling were definitely the tell tale signs that something wasn’t right in my own home.

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Expert tradesmen Chris Plastow and Richard Newbery have explained that the best way for Richard to resolve his issue would be to restore the ground level below the damp proofing course through working with his neighbour!

The first and most difficult step to treating damp is identifying which type your home’s suffering from. It may be that you have a condensation problem but rising or penetrating damp could also be to blame. We’ve put together a short guide to help you understand your damp problem but we would always recommend bringing in a damp proofing specialist to help you fix the issue.

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