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Ask an expert: plumbing, electrics and the cost of fitting new doors

When you need to tackle a home improvement task, you can save precious hours by seeking advice from a tradesperson. They’re likely to know what needs to be done to sort a problem and the best way of approaching a project. Our Ask an expert section is an area of our site where you can ask our registered expert tradespeople questions across 27 different categories.

Each week we do a recap of the questions put to our experts in the past 7 days. Our aim? To remind you that the section’s there if you need help with your home, and give you the answers to questions you might want to know the answer to yourself – whether that’s a week or month down the line.

This week, we saw a mix of questions put to our pros – from electrical and plumbing to the cost of door replacements and help finishing hallway flooring.


Plumbing queries

Colin wanted some help from our plumbers regarding a possible jammed valve. Three of our experts went to his rescue, with the consensus being that it sounds as if the gate valve has snapped, allowing the wheel head to turn freely.


David couldn’t get his head around what was causing his taps to make a squealing noise when they’re turned off. Gurninder of Integrity Plumbing Heating and Gas explained that the problem’s ‘water hammer’ – down to either a faulty ballcock or high pressure.


Electrical advice needed

Savvas asked our electricians why a heating panel would have stopped working. David from Omega Electrical Services advised him to play it safe and get a professional electrician in to take a look but also explained that it’s likely to be down to a loose connection.


Cost of fitting new doors

If you’ve been wondering how much it costs to replace internal doors, then you’re not alone. Scott of Scotts handy services explained that the price varies depending on a number of things including your location and the type of doors, but gave a rough figure, telling Yan that he charges £50-75 per door (excluding materials).


The good news is that if Yan were to take good care of wooden doors, he shouldn’t need to replace them again any time soon. By giving them a bit of TLC, they should be standing strong for years to come.

To view last week’s questions and answers, head here. Or to ask our experts a question, just head to our Ask section.

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  1. Jason Cameron plumber very efficient very pleased with work, very tidy, punctual & efficient…….
    Pricing was very reasonable + would definitely use their company again !!
    & Would highly recommend them !!

    1. Hi Nicola, that’s great to hear. If you haven’t already, I’d ask that you leave Jason a rating to help other homeowners decide who to hire him, and help him grow his reputation. You can ask him to send you a request or feel free to email me at [email protected] for a step by step how to leave a rating.

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