What are the most aspirational home improvements you can make?

There is no doubt about it, everyone wants their home to look even nicer than it already does or offer something the majority of their friends and family don’t have. It doesn’t matter if you live in a mansion or a studio flat, the desire to spruce up our living surroundings and potentially impress guests with what our properties have to offer is just as strong.

Of course, there are hundreds of aspirational home improvements you can make to an abode. It really does depend on the layout of your property and where its current strengths and weaknesses lie.

Another key factor is your personality and what you are interested in. For example, while some of us might dream of owning a place with its own summer house, there will be others for whom this holds no appeal. As such, the list of aspirational home improvements will be different depending on who you ask, but here at we have come up with some of what we believe to be the most popular projects to undertake.

1) Conservatories

With more and more of us unable to move house due to the current economic climate, extending the property we already have is becoming hugely popular. A tightening of the belts by lenders is making it more difficult to acquire a larger, more expensive home, but that should be no barrier to making the most of what you have. And perhaps the most economical way to add another room to your address is by having a conservatory constructed by a professional builder.

With many of the walls formed of glass, conservatories are typically bright and warm, making them the perfect spot to relax and unwind after a stressful day. You will find yourself spending more time lying back, perhaps with a good book or a glass of wine, if you inest in a conservatory.

2) Wetrooms

Time moves at a rapid pace in the interior design sector and it is no surprise to see the traditional bathroom is being ripped up and replaced by a wetroom in many buildings. This is a super-practical room that allows you to use your shower with no fear of ruining flooring or walls should you like to make a splash. Getting a builder and decorator in to create a stylish wetroom adds so much functionality and, inevitably, plenty of value to your property.

3) Swimming pool

We admit this idea might be a little far-fetched for many of you, but if you do happen to have the funds to build a swimming pool why not go ahead and have it done? As well as providing somewhere for you and your kids to exercise and keep fit every single day if you wish, it is a feature that will offer hours of fun. In fact, it will be so rare here in the UK that you can even ask friends round for a dip and you are sure to impress them. We wouldn’t be surprised if they go home green with envy if you manage to pull off such a project in your property.

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