To carpet or not to carpet – the attack of the carpet moth

Natural fibre carpets are becoming more and more popular as we seek luxury and sustainability, after all who wants to walk around on polyester. But just how sustainable is a natural wool carpet? Or is it just dinner for an infestation of uninvited carpet moths?

The summer season isn’t just about garden parties and decking, this is when our pest control Rated People are at their busiest. Whether it is rats under decking or wasps in the summer house, June and July are some of the busiest months of the year for our pest controllers.

You are probably wondering how to spot these little pests; look for small balding patches in the edges of your carpets. They may look small but once carpet moths have settled in they are not easy to get rid of. Moths live on natural fibres and love woollen fabrics. If they are in your carpets they are probably eating their way through more of your soft furnishings!

If you find them you need to take action and fast get a pest controller. In extreme cases you may need to remove your carpets completely. The good news is that if you can fit your beloved items in the freezer you can eradicate the moths and their cocoons; sadly you would need a rather large freezer to freeze your carpets.

Luckily nowadays there are lots of alternatives to carpeting whether you have a modest or extravagant budget:

Wood improves with age, providing it is hard wearing enough for the footfall. It works in every property from period to penthouse and at every budget, available from £25 per sqm or splash out on hard wearing options for £300 per sqm.

Vinyl has come a long way; now providing texture and designs that imitate the look and feel of terracotta or wooden options and often at less than half the price. This is the perfect option for bathrooms becuase it provides a none slip surface and great insulation. Vinyl is often wrongly seen as the cheap option: for the budget conscious it can be just that for less than £20 per sqm but, at the luxury end you can get achieve a paving or wood effect for around £60 per sqm.

Slate should not only be reserved for period properties, its natural, hardwearing and pretty much looks after itself! Period properties are testament to this, hundreds of years old and the slate still looks great. You may consider slate to out of your budget but a mid-range option can cost as little as £25 per sqm.

So whether it’s one of our pest controllers or a flooring specialist, get in touch and we will put you in contact with a local Rated Person perfect for your job!

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