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Autumn home trend: feathers

First it was the butterfly, then the dragonfly, now it’s the feather that’s invading our homes. Since Autumn’s approached, we’re paying tribute to the nesting season by bringing in plume designs. They’re reaching everywhere from tableware and pillow covers to framed prints and wallpaper.

Image Source: Architectural Digest

As part of this year’s alpine palette, we’re on the lookout for woodland furnishing ideas. Valuing sustainability, there’s a real outdoors feel to interiors creeping in and the feather trend subscribes to that with its close connection to nature. Plain feathers are set to make a statement and I have a sneaky suspicion that last year’s owl will reappear but it’s the peacock that’s going to really shine – lending an exotic touch to the trend.

To go from barnyard to boudoir, you’ll need to look for small pieces with a glamorous edge.

Jan Fabre recognised the potential for using feathers in a large way, but you only have to look at his museum ceiling to see why less is more this time around. It’s definitely a talking point but a bit of an unsettling one.

Image Source: Elle Decor

On the opposite end of the scale, Coral and Tusk’s understated pillow lends just the right amount of lightness to this apartment. It plays off the plants perfectly. Feathers don’t have to be black and white – there are colours to suit every decor scheme, whether that’s in print or you choose to accessorise your vases with feathers bought from a local craft shop.

The more neutral your palette, the more room you have to play around. If you’ve opted for a combination of largely white walls and wooden furniture, you’ll find shopping around easy but there are plenty of neutral feathers to work well within a bolder colour scheme too.

Image Source: NY Times via Pinterest

Another option is to play with prints through your wall art. Pressed feathers look great alongside flower prints and they make for brilliant living room pieces. You can line up as many as you wish but they look best when they’re positioned to fit just inside the length of your sofa.

Image Source: Pinterest

If you’re feeling more adventurous, think about taking the print to the ceiling. A hand painted mural guarantees unique home decoration and this peacock print looks playful teamed with the coloured carpeting. It’s not for everyone but it’s one twist on the trend that adds intrique to a space.

peacock ceiling

Image Source: Houzz

Printed wallpaper is more of an investment than pillows and art and along with curtains, it requires more confidence on your part. Because of the nature of both, you’ll find one print repeated throughout the fabric, so if you’re unsure about the choice, it’s a good idea to trial it through pillows and other smaller furnishings or accessories first. Don’t forget though that a pair of curtains can easily be swapped for another.

feathered curtains

Image Source: Pinterest

Will you be trying out the feather trend at home? Let us know by commenting below or getting in touch on Facebook and Twitter. If you need help hanging wallpaper or you would like to create your own mural, post your job and up to three tradesmen will contact you.

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