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Autumn to winter colour trends for the home

With only 9 days to go until we move into the new season, it’s time to think ahead and start preparing for Autumn. Those airy neutrals and pastels that have taken us through summer are now on their way out to make room for richer, deeper shades.

Back in May, I reported on this year’s interior trends, as I found them at Grand Designs Live. Hannah Malein of Global Color Research explained how we could expect to find flint, alpine, storm and clash palettes – focusing on craftsmanship and tactility, a woodland palette, ethereal unpredictability and a mix of tutti frutti tones.

While I had complete confidence in the forecast, change is inevitable, so it’s now time to revisit the trends to see what colours are set to steal the limelight. With 32 colours to choose from, some are bound to make more of a splash than others! Both Pantone and Global Color Research come up with some interesting predictions, so let’s compare them to find out just what we can expect from our interiors this coming season.

Grey: Neanderthal/Turbulence

Image Source: decor8

As soon as the weather turns colder, out comes the grey and this year’s no exception. It’s that basic winter staple that provides the backdrop for this year’s greens and purples. Part of Global Color Research’s flint palette, Neanderthal is a deeper, mid to dark grey that perfectly matches Pantone’s Turbulence. We’ll be focusing on re-using what we already have – so while we might not be in a hurry to paint our walls in the shade – we can give our living room sideboards a new lick of paint.

Brown: Havana/Carafe

Image Source: decor8

On it’s own, brown doesn’t sound very exciting but don’t forget that we have all manner of tutti frutti shades to give it a lift. As part of the clash palette, Havana helps us make that jump from summer to autumn as we reign in the liveliness of lighter shades such as canary yellow. This year, designers are keen to bring a sense of positivity to our homes through bold wallpaper colour choices. Brown’s needed to make those breezy summer related tones season appropriate.

Green: Cedar/Deep lichen green

Image Source: decor8

With a focus on sustainability and celebrating natural materials, green is the perfect shade to bring into our homes. Wooden furniture will be complemented by a deep green, alongside brown, to create fresh rooms with touches of nature. I don’t know about you but this sounds like a great way to bring the outside in. We often think of celebrating the outdoors in the summer months (seaside decoration anyone?), but it’s even better in winter when it’s too cold to go outside.

Orange: Flash + Firefrost/Koi

Image Source: decor8

With Autumn comes orange as we think of golden leaves falling off of trees and Halloween fast approaching. While Global Color Research favours a milder orange similar to salmon in Flash (see image above), Pantone predicts a richer carrot shade. As part of the storm palette, Flash promises to bring that colder edge to offset the fiery mood reflected in stormier colour selections. Funnily enough, the alpine palette also favours orange with its pumpkin Firefrost shade. It seems that where orange is concerned, any hue will do!

Red: Gluwen/Samba

Image Source: Pinterest

Along with orange, red is an autumnal favourite thanks to the warmth that it brings to our homes. Next month, we’re set to introduce vivacious red – similar to alpine’s Gluwen – to carry through the positive seasonal approach. Red is inviting and warm – so it’s the perfect colour to make us want to linger in a room. It’s also easy to fit around Christmas decorating displays (which by the way, is 123 days away)!

Purple: Foraged + Tumult + Dandy/Acai

Image Source: Patterns, Colors and Designs

Last but not least, purple is high up on our list of colour priorities as it has close links to each season’s colour palette. It has a rustic, earthy quality in berry shades such as Pantone’s Foraged and is highly associated with the mysteriousness and unpredictability that we find reflected in the storm palette. At the same time, we’ll have clash’s Dandy if we need a break from those more reflective colours.

Have you begun prepping your home for Autumn? Let us know what colours and themes capture your interest by commenting below or sending us a Tweet

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