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How to Avoid DIY Disasters

Many Britons are taking the improving weather as a sign that it is time to start making home improvements all across their properties, but this is leading to a surge in accidents and mistakes.

New research from Churchill Home Insurance has found an upturn in the number of claims being made on the back of DIY disasters. As such, it could be easier to hire a professional tradesman to carry out work, so that a high-quality job and expert finish are guaranteed.

Paying out for home improvements was recently said by money saving expert Martin Lewis to be a cost-effective alternative to moving home, as it can add value to an existing property for a smaller outlay.

It might now be time to follow his advice, as tackling jobs with no experience or knowledge is a dangerous game. Of course, people not only risk ruining their home by carrying out DIY they are not capable of, there is also a chance they could harm themselves. It is safer, easier and more successful to employ a professional to do the work instead.

“It’s understandable that many people want to have a go at home repairs themselves … but not paying due care and attention or attempting a home maintenance job that’s beyond their skills could result in some costly repairs,” head of the company Martin Scott stated.

He went on to suggest there are a number of costly mistakes people can make. For instance, breaking glass or sanitary ware is likely to result in a bill of about £600, while damaging pipes and cables can cost £1,600 to put right.

The undoubted safest bet is to use a plumber, electrician or other type of tradesman to carry out the domestic work without the risk of a huge debt or insurance claim.

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