Avoid most common DIY disasters by calling in a tradesman

Carrying out work around the house yourself might be a tempting option, as your time obviously comes at no cost and you might feel as though you are capable of completing certain tasks.

However, it has been noted that there are a number of DIY disasters that are regularly endured by Britons as they look to tackle home improvements and repairs. It goes without saying that one way to ensure you do not become a victim of these is to hire a professional tradesman – such as a builder, electrician or carpenter – to perform the work for you.

Dyno has compiled a list of the problems you are most likely to suffer if you go ahead and take on DIY projects without a qualified professional. While you might think you are able to fix a drain, wallpaper the living room or wire a plug, it is likely that you do not possess the required levels of both knowledge and experience.

It started by noting that you are likely to have unrealistic goals. Home improvements can be addictive and every successful task will leave you wanting more. But eventually, it is inevitable that you will try one too many things and cause irreparable damage. Or, as the company suggested, you might find that unblocking one drain results in your entire home being flooded.

You are advised to down tools as soon as you feel you are not up to the job and call in a plumber. This should ensure no significant damage is done and you can recover the condition your home was in prior to the work.

Another issue picked up on by Dyno is the poor safety levels you are likely to achieve. While a professional will have all the latest equipment and knowledge designed to allow him to carry out work without putting a foot wrong, you might be at risk in a DIY project. Falling off ladders, inhaling fumes and cutting fingers are all common features of DIY schemes.

We understand that money is tight for many of you at the moment, but it is not worth putting the long-term state of your home or your own safety at risk for the sake of a few pounds. You might also be tempted to cut corners if you carry out work yourself, whereas a local tradesman will ensure the very best job is done and the correct procedures are followed at all times.

Jason Orme, editor of Homebuilding & Renovating, recently explained his belief that many Britons are losing their ability to carry out successful DIY. He said skills were once passed down from father to son, but this is no longer the case. As a result, many of you just do not have the ability to perform some reasonably simple tasks.

Of course, that is likely to increase your reliance on professional tradesmen, so be sure to choose the right one when something next goes wrong in your property or you simply fancy making a bold home improvement.

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