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New Year House Improvements

If you’re anything like me, the start of January isn’t always met with joy. Once the last of the turkey sandwiches have been eaten, I get that sinking feeling that there’s a whole year until Christmas comes around again.

Still, there’s nothing else to do but find a way to cheer ourselves up again. I’ve found that making a few little house improvements here and there can make all the difference.

New year house improvement ideas

Rearrange the furniture

Swapping the position of your armchair and three-seater sofa can breathe new life into your living room. If it’s your bedroom that’s feeling samey, moving your bed to a different corner of the room can have just the same effect.

house improvements

Image Source: Room Envy

Just watch out for placing tall furniture, like those chest of drawers, up against windows. Blocking the light will only worsen your mood! It’s not just the end result that will bring a smile either. If you invite a friend over to help you (with a tea or coffee reward!), the time might pass a lot quicker.

Invest in stylish storage

We all know that clutter can make us feel anxious and after Christmas there can be piles of gifts left around the house, waiting for new homes. We all know that we should have had a pre-Christmas clearout but let’s face it, most of us were far too busy drinking mulled wine and searching for presents to give it a second thought.

Creating an understairs storage cupboard can provide the perfect solution.

home refresh

Image Source: Homedit

Once that door’s shut, you won’t need to dwell on the mess any longer! If you’ve already got a cupboard, then a storage wall can be just as handy.

refresh your home
Image Source: Housetohome

The exact design will depend on how much space you need but units with drawers and cupboards as opposed to just shelves will work best. The less your eye can see, the easier it will be to make gifts of different sizes work together in one space.

Buy a statement pillow

Easiest of all is buying a few statement pillows or pillow covers to transform your tired room. Opt for colours and fabrics which compliment your existing colour scheme but shy away from those that mirror it too closely. You won’t want your pillows to get swallowed up in the overall look.

Moving forward into 2013, the emphasis should be on fresh and modern interiors, so creams and pale blues will work well. There’s a whole world of patterns out there so don’t feel tied to an all-over colour. A two-tone pillow or perhaps a pale base contrasted with a striking design will work wonders.

brighten up your home
Image Source: Society6

This floral design by Angelo Cerantola is both beautiful and eye-catching. You only have to look to the name to be persuaded of its effect. Doesn’t ‘Thrive’ say it all?!

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