Bathroom design is increasingly important

More and more people continue to rate their bathroom as a key part of their property when it comes to investing time and money in home improvements.

That is the view of dk interiors’ Debra Kacher, who said that even the “deep recession” is not enough to put consumers off the idea of spending some cash on their washrooms. She confirmed she has noticed a definite rise in the number of bathroom revamps taking place in recent times.

Indeed, the expert suggested the desire for bathroom improvements has been on a par with kitchen projects in the last few months. This is because the bathroom is now seen by many as a “place of sanctuary”.

“Also there has been more development particularly in contemporary bathroom furniture with interesting finishes, colours, shapes and ergonomic taps and textures in tiles. Clients’ travels and spa visits have inspired them to want to create a more luxurious finish in their bathrooms,” Ms Kacher stated.

With this trend in mind, Britons might be wise to call upon the services of a builder, decorator or electrician – depending on which areas of their bathroom are in the most urgent need of repair or reinvigoration – and carry out their dream home improvement scheme.

Sean Cochrane of Cochrane Design recently spoke of his belief that bathrooms are becoming hugely important to the average homeowner. Indeed, he said that natural stone is a material many people would be wise to include in the room, such is its beauty and practicality.

So with more than one expert backing the idea of doing up a bathroom in 2012, it might be fair to assume it is the ideal time to do so. People should not become obsessed with the idea of a super-stylish bathroom, though, as it must still perform all the basic functions expected of the space.

Those who achieve this might find their home improvement project pays off, both in terms of improving their quality of life and also increasing the value of their property.

Are you ready to have your bathroom revamped? Browse for the right tradesmen to turn your dream to reality.

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