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Value Adding Bathroom Renovations

Craig Lavin is a plumber by trade and has recently launched a new business, Pro-Seal Bathrooms in Tyne and Wear. Having so much experience in the industry, we thought we’d ask Craig what to think about when considering bathroom renovations and what features are hot right now.

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What are the current bathroom trends?

At the moment we are getting a lot of requests to install wet rooms and replace baths with shower trays and enclosures. Also more and more clients are choosing travertine stone tiles to finish off their bathrooms.

Travertine tiles look very fresh and they work with just about every bathroom design. There are many different types and vary in cost so whether you have a low budget or a large budget you will always be able to find the perfect match for your bathroom.

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Are there current trends you think will go out of fashion soon? 

Not really, our clients always have different ideas. You do get the occasional odd colour combination, but normally the bathroom designs and colours are very similar – none of which are going out of fashion. If I was to pick something that I predict will fade out it would be PVC wall cladding. Nowadays more clients are going for wall tiles as cladding does not age that well, some panels fade in colour and can even start to come away at the joints over time.

What do you think are the most valuable bathroom renovations?

At the moment the most valuable bathroom renovations are the full refits with free standing baths, luxury whirlpool baths, shower packages with shower wall boards and high gloss PVC ceiling clad with L.E.D spot lights, but most of all, complete shower units with telephone, radio, steam function, water jets and that do basically everything but make a cuppa.

Are you getting any requests to install TVs or other gadgets?

The only real gadget is the shower units, but we have fitted bathroom TVs above baths in the past. There’s also a huge trend for hot tubs at the moment, but we are yet to fit one.

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What’s the best hard-wearing floor material for bathrooms?

We always recommend good quality floor tiles and if you require a face lift for your bathroom, regrouting is a easy cheap option for the floor.

Craig’s new website, with photos of his past installation projects can be found here.

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