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Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

There are a few options when it comes to bathroom wall decor. Your choice will depend on the size of the room, the moisture levels and the types of fittings; there are 3 main options that can be used separately or together: paint, tiles and wallpaper.

Bathroom Wall Tiling

As a bathroom wall covering that t is moisture resistant, tiling is generally the most recommended and long lasting option, however, tiling an entire bathroom is costly and time intensive. Tiling used to be the only real viable option for moisture resident wall coverings in a bathroom, but as more products have come on the market the fully tiled bathroom has fallen out of favour and fashion.

bathroom wall decor

Fully tiled rooms are now reserved for trendy wet rooms without stand alone showers or baths and instead a slanted floor with a inbuilt shower unit.

Tiling walls also leaves little flexibility to change things round at a later date – its major draw back – should you chose to move furnishings, you will be left with holes in the tiles where they were hung. Unlike paint you can’t simply fill and cover the area.

If you don’t know what you’re doing or don’t have the proper tools to drill into tiles to hang cabinets and mirrors you risk breaking the tile – it is far cheaper to pay an expert to do a proper job, than to get the area around a broken tile re-tiled. If you do decide to opt for tiling make sure that you are happy with the layout of your bathroom and your suite, as any future changes may mean you need to re-tile at least an area of the bathroom.

Tiling is still popular but in modest amounts and specific locations, shower areas, and splash backs are practical places to include tiling detail without much cost. bathroom wall

Bathroom Wall Paint

There are more bathroom paints on the market than ever before, in a range of colours and finishes, making it a popular choice for homeowners. Painting is also the cheapest wall covering option and one that many people can do themselves.
Preparation is key for any paint finish but especially in a bathroom, essential to achieving a professional and long lasting finish. Before painting, sugar soap the walls to remove dirt and grease. Soap suds, and moisture make bathroom walls greasy and tend to attract more dirt than other rooms in the house, making it even more important to prepare the walls properly before painting.

Mould is a common problem in bathrooms, before painting, to keep mould at bay, it is advisable to prime the walls with a mildew-inhibiting primer, this will prevent mould growing and elongate the life of your paint job.

Remember bathroom paint isn’t ‘water proof’, it’s moisture resistant, areas that get wet regularly should be tiled to protect them.

Bathroom Wallpaper

Like paint there are many moisture resistant wallpapers available, typically wallpaper would peel from the humidity in a bathroom, and despite improvements in adhesives many people are still reluctant to wallpaper their bathrooms.

bathroom wall tiles

Think carefully before wallpapering a bathroom, consider using a mix of materials and use wallpaper in areas that are the least likely to get splashed, areas to avoid are around the bath and basin. You can protect wallpaper from excessive humidity by fitting an extractor fan, this should be done by a Part P qualified electrician. After hanging the wallpaper coating it with decorators varnish will give it a layer of protection.

Vinyl-coated wallpapers, specifically made for bathrooms, are designed for moist environments and have a longer life than traditional wallpapers. If you choose to wallpaper in areas that are likely to get splashed, vinyl-coated wallpapers are you only real option.

What ever covering you choose for your bathroom, if your unsure on what products to use, how to prepare the surface or how to apply the coating, post your job for free on Once you have posted your job, up to 3 local, quality tradesmen will contact you to quote for your job, review the ratings online and pick the right on for you. 


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