Which BBQ is Right for Your Garden?

It only takes a rumour of the sun being out for more than an hour for many Britons to think about firing up the barbecue and returning to our primitive desire to cook outdoors. The first warm day of any summer is filled with the smell of charred burgers and singed sausages, as well as the dull clank of people offering ‘cheers’ with a can of beer that has not yet had time to chill. It is just the way that we like it. Summer isn’t summer without at least one al fresco feast.

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Which BBQ is right for you and your garden?

For those of us who like more than one barbecue each summer then the idea of a permanent, built-in barbecue can be attractive. After all, building a brick cube with space for a grill is a task that most competent DIY-ers can complete in an afternoon, while those of us who have a handy bricklayer or builder we trust can afford to get them in to do the job.

All you will need is a small corner of the garden that is largely sheltered from the wind, some slabs for a base, bricks and mortar. You simply lay the concrete slabs on a sand base and then build on that. Keep a balance between being close to the house or a seating area for convenience and far enough away to be safe and ensure that diners are not covered in smoke as you cook. Base the size around the size of grills you want to use.

All of what you need for the job will be available at your local DIY big box retailer, along with the charcoal and firelighters to get the cooking started. Most people decide to build their own permanent barbecue in the shape of a capital ‘E”, which allows space for cooking and space for storage or preparation of food too. You can also buy readymade masonry barbecues that can be secured in place.

Those who want a more permanent barbecue solution than the disposable tin foil versions you can buy at a petrol station, yet don’t want to build, the solution is to look at gas or charcoal models that come as units that can be wheeled away into the shed or garage once the summer is over. Small kettle-style barbecues start from around £20 and are good if you just have a couple of cook-outs per summer. From there you can go from the tens of pounds to the hundreds, depending on how many bells and whistles you want.

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Gas barbecues from brands such as Weber can run from hundreds of pounds into thousands, but they may well be better than the kit you have in your kitchen.Those who like the char marks on their steaks or burgers just so may think it worth the outlay, but you will need to do a lot of outdoor entertaining to make it worth your while.

Another alternative is the newer Roadii grill, which is a self-contained unit that contains a grill and a hanging ‘Dutch oven’ steel pot as well. These are a step up from the standard charcoal barbecue and look far more stylish than the price tag may suggest. A mid-range model comes in at just over £200, which is the ideal fit for the sometime outdoor cook.

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If you need help tidying up your garden ready for BBQ season, post your job in our Gardener/Garden Designer category. Up to three tradesmen can contact you to quote and you’ll be able to view their profile pages, complete with customer ratings, to help you decide who to hire.

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