Be trendy in 2012 with “refined, elegant and smooth” look

The new year is likely to signal a fresh start for many of us, so where better to begin than with interior design and the option of doing up your home?

Luckily for all of us considering adding some colour or style to our property, there are a host of trends to follow that, in the opinion of a variety of experts, are set to be big in 2012.

For example, the delicate mix look is one that comes highly recommended by Louise Smith, colour expert at Dulux, who said at the Grand Designs Live show in Birmingham that its “refined, elegant and smooth” nature is sure to go down well over the coming months.

“This trend is about the juxtaposition or contrast of materials. The palette itself is quite understated, which makes it incredibly easy to live with, but the materials are combinations of maybe concrete with copper, or porcelain with cork. You are combining warm with cool or soft with hard,” the industry insider stated. She went on to note this trend has links to the minimalist look, but is altogether softer and more suited to your home.

Ms Smith’s are far from the only suggestions made at this time of the year, though, as Jeff Summers, sales manager at Videotree, has recommended bringing a hint of hotels into the home. He said the bathroom is an area in which people can take inspiration from hotels, with plenty of professionals implementing such designs. Another strong trend in 2012 is set to be the addition of extra technology, particularly in the kitchen and bathroom, Mr Summers stated.

Natalie Timmerman, a spokeswoman for Light IQ, recently said that adding new lights and bulbs to various rooms around the home can have a dramatic effect on their aesthetic appeal and comfort levels.

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