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Big Brother’s eco home

You know something’s taking off when it makes its way into popular culture. 6 years after its Australian equivalent, Big Brother UK has listened to the property market and gone eco – only in true Big Brother style it’s not going to be as easy as it could be for the housemates!

Tonight, the contestants will enter an environmentally friendly house to find a bike placed in their bedroom. They might think that it’s there to keep them fit but they’ll soon realise that it’s there to generate their electricity. There’ll be no hot shower to ease them into their first nights either as they’ll be getting to grips with using a wheel-powered shower.

Image Source: Channel 5 via msn

The garden will see the house recycle a 2004 concept of the housemates growing their own food as they tend to a vegetable patch in the midst of an overwhelming wooden structure. Of course, the wood will be sustainable even though it’s used throughout – culminating in a giant two-storey treehouse.

Image Source: Channel 5 via msn

Move back inside and the eco mentality doesn’t let up as the wood is exchanged for all sorts of recyclable materials. You’ll find a number of suitcases replacing the classic glass coffee table in the living room and the kitchen stools give bike saddles a new lease of life. Much like the suitcases, old filing cabinets save on extra material for the kitchen drawers too.

Image Source: Channel 5 via msn

2007’s Big Brother Australia has been the franchise’s most recent attempt at eco with its washing machine powered by bicycles and a water dispenser that sourced its water from condensation. After such a big gap, I love the idea of giving eco a platform again. My only worry is that the hellish nature of the show will put viewers off from seeing its true potential. The programme’s spokespeople have promised a ‘Secrets and Lies’ theme and plenty of secret rooms. So there’s a high chance that the not-so-eco hot tub will be making a comeback and seriously impact upon the property’s overall sustainability rating…

What do you think of Big Brother’s attempt at eco? Which of the green improvements could you live with? Let us know by sending us a tweet or messaging us on Facebook.


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  1. Can I suggest idea’s for the house? If so I think big brother should announce there’s another actor/ actress without saying names to make conflict between all housemates

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