Bike Storage Ideas for your Home

Getting around by bicycle is becoming increasingly popular in our towns and cities, as cycle paths are opened up, workplace finance schemes implemented and route planning apps uploaded. The health benefits are great, you save money on petrol or bus fares and you are even doing your bit for the environment.

bike storage ideas

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But one issue around cycling causes a headache for many cyclists and that is the question of bike storage ideas. Councils may be increasingly providing bike stands in town centres and by stations, but that is no use when you get home. So, do you leave it in the communal hallway, drag it through to the back yard or just take the risk and just lock it up outside your home? An increasing number of architects, designers and manufacturers are becoming savvy to this urban storage problem and are creating ingenious and innovative bike storage ideas to suit all homes and all pockets, with everything from simple pulleys to elegant handmade wooden bike mounts. Others are creating DIY solutions from brackets, shelving and even old handlebars.

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Of all the economy solutions to the problem of cycle storage, Cycloc is probably the best and the most effective. Favoured by hip cycle cafés, the plastic gadget is as durable as it is colourful and presents your bike as a kind of art object once it is in place on your wall. You can choose unobtrusive colours to match your walls if you prefer, but the bright Cyclocs are surprisingly attractive in a flat. Although they don’t solve the problem of having to clamber up the stairs with your bike over your shoulder.

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Bike shelves are a neat solution that don’t even look like bike storage when not in use. Several businesses now offer variation on these hand-crafted solutions, which just form a gap for a bike frame to slot into. Of course, you can always ask a joiner to make one for you, but be careful if trying to make your own, as it will have to bear the weight of your bike and all its fittings. This is fine if it is a featherweight racer, but not so good for a Pashley or one of the sit-up-and-beg imports from the Netherlands. So best ask the professionals if you are not confident, or you may end up with your bike and a lot of plaster on your apartment floor.

wall mounted bike rack

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Those with more space outside their property can opt for one of the many sheds or storage units that are coming on to the market, or have one custom made for them by a carpenter or garage builder. Metal or brick cycle stores will tend to more secure, with some products having built in alarms as an option. These units can usually hold three bikes or more, so you can always team up with flatmates or neighbours to share the cost.

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  1. Has April fools come early? Clambering over your Boston Leather sofa to retrieve your hybrib bike whilst trying not to scratch your plaster wall or leaving mud on yr axminster carpet. There needs to be some practical aspect to these storage solutions – is thos what they teach at design chool? God help us – wholly impractical

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