21st Century Bin Storage Ideas

There was a time when rubbish bin storage was simple, as we only had one small, round bin that would be stored at the side of the house or in an alley behind it. But with a higher concentration of housing and an ever-increasing number of recycling bins, waste bins and compost collections, we are often left with a mess of waste receptacles around our homes. Some local councils do offer you a chance to downsize or even upsize your bin, but in most cases these are just an ugly reality that we have to deal with.

bin storage ideas

Clever business brains have come up with stick-on wrappers to beautify our bins or even camouflage them with leafy decals. Although neither of these options work well in the urban environment, where we are most likely to have a mess of wheelie bins, recycling crates and food waste hoppers competing for space in the front garden or on the path. These are all very convenient for those who collect our waste, but not so for us who have to live with them.

If you can store your bins at the side or rear of your house then this will improve the kerb appeal of your home (as well as stopping passers-by rooting through your waste). But this is often impractical when you live in a terrace, flats or a conversion. Here you are best off trying to carve out a small area of space and reserve that for your bins. You can then set about making this area both more practical and more attractive with these bin storage ideas.

bin storage

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Bin storage ideas

A simple way to do this is to have a small fence or gated area built around your bins. You can even have it covered over at the top if your bins are particularly ugly or you suffer from seagulls or foxes trying to either open them or tip them over. A carpenter or joiner will be able to build you something quickly from ready-made panels or custom make you something that could include more storage space. Many people are starting to build cycle storage into even small front yards and this could be made to include storage for your bins.

If you are looking for a hardier solution then you can call in a builder or bricklayer to add an area to your front garden wall that will keep the bins in one place, or at least makes them look a bit more tidy. You can also add a door to this to hide the bins away or at least out of sight as you leave and enter your home.

Another option is to have them create a more practical solution that will save space and solve the growing urban problem of the bin men knocking the top off the wall that serves as a gatepost. Wander around any city neighbourhood where wheelie bins are rife and you will see plenty of gateposts with the tops knocked off by constant bumping with oversized bins. So, why not build a recess into the front of the wall so that the bin men can collect your bin without entering your garden and your garden does not get filled with dropped waste.

This can be a little impractical in that you may have to walk further to empty your inside bins into your wheelie bin, but it is a great space-saver and uses up redundant space if you have a tiny front yard with a bay window jutting out.


If you live in a block of flats or a conversion where there is not one communal bin then you may wish to speak to the council to see if this is an option that is available. If this is not available then you can try to team up with other flat owners or speak with the freeholder to see if there is a way that a bin storage area can be built.

Obviously, large bin areas can attract vermin and anti-social behaviour, so it is best to keep the size of the area to a minimum and ensure that the design allows for efficient cleaning. You can save space by having shelving that allows the stacking of recycling boxes or composting caddies.

For help with bin storage ideas, post a job on Rated People and speak to one of our recommended carpenter or joiners for a custom built storage solution.

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