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Monochrome: it’s set in Ecclestone

This month, Tamara Ecclestone has been all over the pages of Hello! magazine, showing off her brand new LA home. Like many other readers I’m sure, I couldn’t help but sob a little inside – out of pure jealousy. She’s made a smart move with her decor choice. The monochromatic look is in right now, having filtered down from the Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton S/S 2013 fashion collections.

Image Source: Hello!

Tamara’s adopted the scheme throughout her home. It’s always a risk extending a look to multiple rooms but monochrome is easier than most to get right.

It just never dates. You can trace the black and white combination back to the 1920s and 1930’s when Art Deco came into its own. In fact, it never really went away. It’s very easy to update too. Throw in any quirky accessory that takes your eye and you’ll develop your own individual style without compromising on high-end design. It could be that a chandelier takes your fancy or maybe it’s an ornament that your granny’s given you in a nice shade of plum. Whatever the accessory, don’t feel that you need to hide it away in a box – it can and will work with your existing palette, as Tamara showcased brilliantly, posing on her monochrome staircase in a bright orange dress.

Image Source: Hello!

Keep it simple by indulging in colours along the black and white spectrum. The key is to think in blocks which you slowly build one after the other.  Generally speaking, the chunkier your dining table (or piano in Tamara’s case), the greater the effect. The bigger and bolder, the better!


Image Source: Hello!

Once you’ve chosen between cream or white as the basis for the scheme, it’s easy to pull in other shades. Our pick? Grey. Injecting different shades of grey (but not quite 50!) into the room will soften your living space and make it less showroom, more liveable. Tamara opted for grey cushions to give her sofa the snuggle factor, while holding on to its sophisticated appeal.


Image Source: Hello!


Just be sure to add that perfect finishing touch – keep any photography to black and white!


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