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Decorate in beautiful blues

Ready to give your rooms a makeover? Then fall for the trend for the beautiful blues. It’s a look that’s easy to live with, creating an atmosphere that’s soothing as well as decoratively rich. Best of all, it’s really easy to put beautiful blue room schemes together. Here’s how to introduce the trend to your home.

Combine shades

A palette of different blues is the way to go when you’re creating a room scheme. Think of blue in all its forms from inky shades, through arresting azures, relaxed denims, fabulous cerulean, endless sky shades, brilliant turquoise, and even a pop of blue-green teal. You’re not looking to use every blue that’s out there in one room, of course, but do make sure you use different shades within an individual scheme to get the look.

Which other colours should you use in a beautiful blue room scheme? Warm greys will sit alongside a selection of blues for the elements of the interior you’d prefer to keep neutral. White and bone shades can also make a quieter contrast, creating the gentle pause between areas of colour that make a room scheme work.

If your room is naturally light filled, or your goal is to make a space feel more cocooning, use deep blues for the walls whether you paint or wallpaper. Room darker than you’d like, or smaller than you wish for? Use blues over smaller areas, or opt for its paler tints to boost the light and keep your scheme feeling spacious – layering shades of blue will still create the look you’re after.

blue throw

Image source: Furniture Village

Introduce pattern

Prints are a must-have element of this season’s blue room schemes. You could pick small-scale geometric designs that have delicacy and prettiness and use them around your room if you like plenty of decorative detail. Combining different patterns is key, but don’t feel awed by the challenge. Your blue palette will mean they’ll work happily together and create a contemporary look – consign the idea of all-over matching to the past. Mini to mid-scale motifs with rhythmic repeats are a great way to dress up walls, so you could introduce them in a wallpaper to give a room scheme interest.

Look out for motifs drawn from cultures around the globe: lattice and fretwork, mosaic-style, ikat and more have all inspired designs for wallpaper, rugs and soft furnishings this season, and designers have given them a modern twist that means they look fabulous together.

And if you like to major in plains? Limit areas of pattern to accessories: cushions, throws and vases with regular repeat designs will work a treat.

spring prints

Image source: Farrow & Ball

Think flooring

Pale neutral carpet already in place? Then you’re all set, unless you want a change. Otherwise white-painted floorboards are a great complement to a room of blues. Either way, you might want to add a rug – featuring the season’s patterned motifs, of course – to create contrasting texture and define an area within your room scheme.

Bring in wood

Complement the season’s blue interiors with a wood tone to suit. Deeper and mid blues look fabulous alongside richer and darker wood finishes, while a lighter blue palette will suit woods with pale, natural finishes and wonderful grain patterns. Don’t think of wood for large pieces of furniture only – decorative accessories and lighting with natural texture are on trend this season, and will add gentle warmth to a scheme of blues.

blue accessories

Image source: Dunelm Mill

Add in accessories

Every room scheme needs the detail filling in, so have fun with your accessorising. Ceramics with graduated tints of blue are the perfect partner to your multi-layered scheme, or look for finishes with subtle sheen, whether in neutral or blue.

If you’ve chosen the exoticism of patterns and motifs from across the world, why not add in highlights of copper, which will be eye-catching and warm? Mirrored mosaic finishes will also work a treat.

copper room

Image source: John Lewis

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  1. I have just painted my walls with little green company “in box” carpet is platinum andI bought a natural sfa fro john lewis, so now I feel better with my colour scheme after reading this

  2. I find Blue a very cold colour,especially on walls, so have never used it as an interior decorating theme – although I do like accent ceramics and glass.

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