Homeowners ‘can do plenty to boost energy-efficiency’

Energy-efficiency is understandably a hot topic in the UK right now, as the country aims to move towards a more sustainable future. Everywhere you look there are schemes and changes designed to reduce the amount of power that is consumed by homes, businesses and public facilities and, in some cases, encourage these buildings to generate their own energy.

Some of you might not yet be aware of just how important this issue is, but with gas and electricity prices rising steadily in recent times, you may be starting to get an idea of what you can expect if you do nothing in the months and years ahead. Quite simply, you need to produce your own power or, at the very least, start to use less if you do not want to face a hike in the amount of money you pay your provider each month.

The good news is there are plenty of ways you can do this, some of which are cheap and simple and others that are more of an investment in the future.

Ryan Notz, chief executive of, has been speaking about some of the ways you can turn your home into a green building that adheres to all the latest rules and advice. He noted that, generally, UK homeowners still have plenty to do just to get the basics in place, so home improvements are likely to be on the cards for many years to come.

“A lot of people don’t have loft insulation – that’s the number one thing people can do and it’s cheap. It’s easy to get caught up in new technologies and building techniques, but it’s just not the case that a great majority of homes have done the basics right – half the homes you walk into don’t have double glazing in all the windows,” Mr Notz explained.

There are still plenty of ways that energy is allowed to leak out of homes, even down to the fact many floors have cracks between their boards. Turning to local tradesmen could well provide the answer for many Britons, who might find that tasking a builder, electrician or glazier with improving their energy-efficiency is a wise move.

Mr Notz went on to recommend taking a look at heating systems in a bid to make a home more energy-efficient. In fact, he described underfloor heating as a popular way of adding warmth to a home at the current time.

“Upgrading your boiler can save a lot of money … I think the simplest thing you can do is look at how you heat your home and install a thermostat,” he stated.

With this in mind, the challenge appears to have been set. Unless you want your home to be left behind, you will need to invest in green home improvements in the future, so why not start right now by securing a local tradesman to carry out the necessary work on your property? You never know, you might start to see the benefits a lot sooner than you imagine.

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