Bring on the bright bathrooms

How often do you see a bathroom that’s decorated in the colours of the rainbow? We always hear that it’s safe to invest in neutral, natural colours, but sometimes it’s just plain boring to go conservative.

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Interior designer Abigail Ahern, writing for MyDeco, recommends familiarising yourself with a colour wheel and decide if you want to go for a tonal (various shades of one colour), harmonious (colours sitting next to each other on a colour palette) or complementary scheme (contrasting colours that don’t clash). Most people know that there are cold and warm colours. Decorating a room in red shades can look intimate whereas cold colours such as blues make a room cool and airy. Blues are probably the most common daring colours used in a bathroom, due to its connotation with the ocean.

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Vinyl-based wallpaper can withstand moisture and is a great way of transforming a white and clinical bathroom. Ensure however, that the wallpaper doesn’t come in direct contact with water, as that may cause mould and peeling. Towel heaters (as the one above from Bisque) tend to be forgotten as a way of experimenting with the interior, but can easily inject new life. Hang colourful paintings or posters on the walls, a great way of taking care of pieces that might not be suitable elsewhere in the house.


Beige tiles might be a favourite of plush hotels, but mosaic and colourful tiles are more fun. If you’re planning on keeping the design of your bathroom for a long time, ensure that you decide on a pattern that will work for many years to come. The absolute key here is also to make sure the floor is smooth and levelled when fitting the mosaic tiles. For a cheaper option, The Colour Flooring Company’s vinyl floors (above) are perfectly suited for wet rooms as they are waterproof and come in a wide range of strong colours, coming in at £25 per square metre. Parquet is another alternative, since it makes a room look warm and homely. Although solid wood has a bad reputation in bathrooms, engineered wood is a much better option as it withstands moisture.

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There are so many details that one can experiment with in a bathroom without risking going completely overboard. Think about rubber ducks for instance, no one would frown if you had one perching on top of the bath tub! Bathrooms can easily have a tongue-in-cheek touch, with shower curtains, toilet lids and bathroom rugs adding to the unconventional design. However, should your bathroom be adjacent to a living room which is decorated in soft beige tones, having a bathroom decked out in bright red might be too much of a clash.

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