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Bring the summer salad home

While I would love to give every room in my home a makeover, it’s just not viable financially. Wanting to create something fresh and seasonal nonetheless, my thoughts turned to the summer salad scheme – replicating a salad (fruit, vegetable or mixed) through the colour palette. If you bought into last year’s trend for lime-green kitchens, you can complement it with another salad shade without breaking the bank. This is one trend with no budget restrictions as with a range of colours to choose from, you can make over as few or as many rooms as you like. Here are my top 3 looks for you to replicate. Now that it’s finally summer, you can start as soon as you’re ready.

Lime green kitchen

If you’ve already invested in the citrus kitchen, you might want to give it a refresh by swapping your accessories and adding the zesty tone to different products. We all know that trends come in cycles so if you weren’t brave enough to try it last time around, why not take up the chance to give it a try?


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Lime-green cupboards and splashbacks are the two kitchen staples. To stop the room from becoming overpowering, keep tables and kitchen sideboards a neutral shade of either white or grey. The key thing is achieving the right balance of bright and neutral tones and remembering that design doesn’t stop at eye level.

In the words of interior designer Albert Hadley, “design is defined by light and shade, and appropriate lighting is enormously important”. If you can highlight your lighting choices with a bright shade, you’ll be more likely to develop greener habits by becoming more aware of turning them off when you leave a room. You’ll also make the room pop.

Beetroot purple bedroom

Purple’s an interior favourite because of its versatility. Although blue is the colour of choice for putting you in relaxing mode, for some it’s boring and a little cold for somewhere that you spend a lot of time. Purple’s a good second option. Lavender shades are tranquil but to make a space that appeals to both you and your partner, give the purple a spicy twist by opting for a richer beetroot shade. The red tinge will add warmth, yet keep you safe from the acquired taste of Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen’s realm of design.

Dulux have two perfect shades ideal for painting your walls – 80RR 12/516 and 84RR 13/471. Personally, I’d opt for a feature wall as the shade is pretty strong, or use it to accent by matching a white or cream wall with a purple frieze, doorframe and skirting board.


Image Source: Dulux

If that doesn’t appeal, adopt a minimalist approach and use a rug to counteract colder walls and make a room look inviting. Here, the chair even picks out the brown in the beetroot skin.

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Image Source: Pinterest

Tomato red living room

The red living room is in style all year long, lifting you in the spring and creating a cosy space in the winter. Tomato red is much more than a simple vibrant red however. As you know, the juice from tomatoes leans towards the orange palette and so alternating your bright red with paler, more orangery tones is essential.

Lighter curtains, lampshades or table ornaments should contrast with darker furniture or vice versa depending on how dark you would like the room to appear. A darker curtain will always reign in the light so for this season, a lighter curtain is perfect.


Image Source: Pinterest

Where would you take the summer salad? Would you opt for a tomato red living room or stretch to an orange bathroom? Let us know!

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